AAIB Paddy Insurance System

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As a Agricultural insurance board compensation has to be paid to farmers seasonally. A conventional method was manual calculation. It was converted in to system base method.

What do we deliver?

AAIB is cater for the micro insurance sector. Within scope of the AAIB we have to settle the indemnity payment to the lost farmers. We deliver to insurance payment to the affected farmers. after their loss assessment at the field Early method time spending claim calculation but Innovative method speedily calculation Early method time spending claim payment but innovative method time serving method. Early method time wasting data searching method but innovative method time serving efficient data searching Wear delivering Efficient, time effective, accurate service, to Island wide farmer throes the innovative project.

Whom we deliver?

Officers of the claim division of Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board.

How is the project unique?

Yes Agricultural insurance business is vary from the other general insurance business.we Has to interact with the law income and less educated group like farmers. If there is a disaster happen theiv crop will be damage and other income lost and burden to bank also. But through the insurance by paying claim to lost farmers, they can stard up such situation. As well as his need money for cultivation for the next season. Manual calculation compensation payment cannot be done speedily. Bcos somany factors to be checked by manual thought if it is arrange through the computer based system process can be speed up. We can provide effective service island wide. If it is in a computerized system operators also handle the procedure without experts of the subject. As well always repots are needed to taken management decision. Through the system necessary repots can be taken easily and as we need. If there is a inquiry from farmers within 3-5 second we can give him answers bcos of the system. Otherwise we have to search main files. Data base of the insured farmers can be maintained. can be retrived through the system.


Manual calculation system Suggestion -Needed to convent to computer based system Study -Capability of development of software to the organization was studied. In 2009-Primary system was developed to enter main data In 2010-System was fine tuned as user friendly In 2011-System developed to search any data quickly to take various report etc In 2012-Future plan Install the system in regional office Input primary data (data of the proposal form) in regional level at the field level using laptop and GPS Forward details of the insured farmers on line(primary data crop data claims data) Underwrite the payment by checking data pictures and video clip of the damage filed Calculate the claim by using software Forward to different authority level for approval Forwarded the list of farmers to finance division Sum amount of the total payment directed to the regional office through account of head office to regional office with list of farmers online Down load the forward list of leasable for claim form the regional office and make the payment to insured farmer..


Indunil Jayasuriya, Computer Operator
284,Henakaduwa,Tangalla Hambantota Sri Lanka 100000
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