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Agro FMS is a field management system for Sales and Marketing force in Agri Input industry. Agro FMS connects on a realtime basis field to corporate along with spatial sense on all the field and trade activities. Agro FMS is world’s first GIS based system for Agriculture and helps in managing field activities on a geo spatial map, understand new opportunities and enter into new markets. Agro FMS caters to the following needs of enterprises Quality data reporting, Realtime and Spatial Sense. Agro FMS ensures to make market campaigns effective and efficient by tracking duplicate work, provides spatial sense of campaign activities and provides new opportunities. Agro FMS ensures to map every trade channel point like retailer, distributor. Ensures track of visits to retailers, and distributors, know strong market areas, weak market areas. Agro FMS also ensures to support GeoTagging i.e. capture a live photograph of an field event, crop information, competitor information and transfer the same to corporate.

What we deliver?

We deliver both the content and services. i.e. mobile application for reporting and data collected as content through web dashboards.

Why is the project unique?

Yes, this is the world’s first GIS based field management system for agri input industry. Agri Input industry in India is primarily operated through Distribution Structure and more so with India being geographically dispersed, with maximum farmers in the range of small to medium land holding, enterprises have significant workforce operating in rural villages at grass root. Agro FMS helps in seamless connection between field to corporate, ensures spatial sense to provide exact location details of the farmer or trade point. In a nut shell Agro FMS helps to Locate, Know and Retain customers which was not possible earlier.


Mr. Ajay Kumar Kalavala


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