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The Aksharit project aims at creating the first ever suite of Indian language word games for different age groups. Three games have been launched so far, covering all the age groups from 5-105. Creating games in Indian Language was a tough nut to crack with more than 600 characters in the script as compared to English with 26 characters..

What do we deliver?

Aksharit brings Edutainment for Indian languages to the children. For Corporates which are in the digital space, we offer a means to increase their reach and differentiate their products in the eyes of the Indian consumer. For Youth and Housewives who have had only newspaper crosswords for the past 50 years as the source of entertainment in their mother tongue.

Whom we deliver?

1. Children being reached through online app stores. 2. Corporates in the digital space. 3. Youth in Tier 2-Tier 3 cities and Housewives.

How is the project unique?

As mentioned earlier there are no word games available in Indian languages due to the complexity of Indian language scripts and an unclear path for monetization. The product innovation, with novel solutions to incorporate the Vowel Diacritics, Half letters etc, overcame the first issue of script complexity. Aksharit won the IIM Calcutta business plan competition due to it and has also received a Patent. In terms of the business model, English being the aspirational language, it was difficult to sell Indian language products especially being a new brand name. Hence we targeted Corporates wanting to Indianize their brand / products for the 368 million rural literate population of which only 1/6th are English literate. Some of the biggest corporates in the digital space like Nokia, Intel and Google tied with us to launch these games on their respective platforms to increase their penetration to the Indian masses by bringing in localized content. Infact Nokia chose Aksharit as the 10 launch apps, Google as one of the only 6 partners around the world.


Roadmap of Project – To develop Aksharit in all Indian languages, East Asian langs like Thai, African languages like Ethiopian. Venchor into different devices like tablets, iphones etc. In the digital arena, we see the move of digital content on mobiles / internet towards vernacular languages as mentioned in the previous answer. We have created in-house softwares to genearte data like word length, frequency distribution, positional frequncy distribution etc. Vision Currently Play is seen in a limited way to engage children for entertainment purpose, especially in India. We seek to fill this void whereby any organization thinking of making something fun and interesting in an innovative way should think of MadRat Games. The field can literally be anything from education, to corporate training, to bringing an obscure science like Ayurveda to the forefront. The other motivator for us is the scale of impact and hence every product we design has a large potential reach. For Aksharit, we envision it to be a part of every household in India in one medium or another and its educational versions to be in every school. We see it slowly and steadily getting fulfilled having been adopted by 4 states covering 2500 schools already..


MadRat Games Pvt Ltd.
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