Amazing Amusements (A novel interactive advertising system)

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Amazing Amusements: Innosium has made its own vision based virtual interactive technology which is more efficient and cost effective than other prior existing state of the art. Gigantic Virtual Musical Instruments is one of its amazing applications where functionality of the whole instrument can just be put as a picture of the instrument. It represents novel technique for interactive fun, learning, spreading information and provides as a new advertisement medium. It finds wide application in entertainment field as it encompasses in itself great power to mesmerize people of all age groups and leaves a long lasting impact on their minds. It has capability of making parties, exhibitions, shows malls, parks special and helps in creating and enhancing joyful environment thereby making everything you do memorable..

What do we deliver?

We will do the marketing in October 2011, we have talked a few advertisers and molls owner and college festivals ,we received great response from them.

Whom we deliver?

[Describe your End users, including various categories] College Festivals, Advertising agencies and Molls.

How is the project unique?

Our product is unique and innovative as concept for using it for off line static bill boards ( we filed provisional patent)as well as technology too. People have done similar work but in lab and indoor environment which is difficult to find favorable condition each time for the user. We methodology and logic have simplified the algorithm ,sothat we can make it works in real-time without any constrain on users.


Our long term vision is to become an self sustainable automation based company which makes the life easier and happier to words betterment of human and other life..


Innosium Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Jitendra Bhardwaj
F-4-II, SIDBI innovation and Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 208016
URL/Website –

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