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1. What is appRain? appRain is one of the first officially released Open source Content Management Framework (CMF). CMF is a new web engineering concept where “CMS (Content Management System)” and “Framework” perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time. appRain, published with lots of extensive features to reduce our development work time. It satisfies both Client and Developers with a safe and quality output. 2. Remove Social Barrier in 3rd world countries: Most of software companies are busy with Outsourcing or engaged with top companies only. So a major layer of people cannot come in ICT especially in e-commerce platform because they cannot effort high price. Sometimes they get fed-up with low quality product and go back in manual system. appRain developed a special tool called Component to solve this problem. Component is an install able module. Once a Component is developed then it will take little time to deliver with very cheap rate. In this way appRain will save both low paid customer and big software company with very good quality output and benefit.

What do we deliver?

CMS Part 1. Customize Site Settings 2. Page Manger 3. Information Set (Produce Customize Admin form) 4. Category Set (Manage Category) 5. Member Management 6. Admin Management 7. ACL 8. pre-configured Blog 9. pre-configured Store 10. pre-configured Dynamic Gallery 11. pre-configured Forum 12. Very Well Cache Management 13. File Manager 14. Database Backup tool 15. File Editor (Edit template and PHP fiels) 16. Language Module 17. Theme Manager 19. Multi-Store Management System And Others Framework 1. MVC (Customize) 2. Factory Pattern 3. Single Tone Pattern 4. EAV 5. Search Module 6. Caching (11 types) 7. URI Manager(Router) 8. Helper 9. Plug-in (Attach 3rd Party PHP Class) 10. Add-on (Attach 3rd Party Script based extensions) 11. Module (Apprain Library) 12. Magic Method in all module 14. Auto load class by Path 15. EDP 16. PDO (Database layer) 17. Web Service (Using PHP reflection API) 18. Cron Job Setup(Using PHP reflection API) 19. Cryptography 20. Export Resource outside 21. Configure Multi-theme and Multi-User Site 22. Configure Multi-Domain site 23. Unit Test.

Whom we deliver?

World wide user 1. 147 Countries browse appRain software 2. 50 to 100 visitors visit every day 3. 8 to 15 downloads every day Attached Google Analytic report in attachment..

How is the project unique?

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It making much progress in respective field. I like to invest my full time in the project if I get investor help. Very soon we will sell server and module. I have two vision: 1. Make web based software development easier to Programmers as well as to layman users 2. Generate data synchronization between Web Based software and Desktop software and other device (Mobile phone, Cloud Computing).


Mohammad Reazaul Karim
290, Elephent Road, Dhaka Bangladesh 100000
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