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When Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm, Heat Detector, Room Access Control Device Light off/on control device is detected or switch on, our Control panel Device will start the motor siren & blink the zone signal light for notification to take action immediately. At the same time send one (zone info) signal to our Auto Alert System device, auto alert system process to send SMS on mobile numbers & mails to the mail IDs as detail information by the user via Computer by our Software. One USB modem is connected with the computer to send SMS immediately to five dedicated persons (can be more), like company Chairman/MD, HRD/Admin, and Security in-charge, nearest Fire service & Present fire fighter to take necessary action. Fire service will be standby to go mentioned place (after getting the confirmation SMS where the details will be indicated). If someone reply a confirmation SMS to the device after verify the alert, the device will start its main actions such as again SMS to fire service, nearest police station, Hospital (Ambulance), as well as predefined employees cell No. Also send e-mails to insurance company, buyer etc. The entire work done by only 20 seconds

What we deliver?

Everywhere need this device, like All Commercial Building All RMG Factories All market, Shopping mall, Apartments All government factory, store Hospitals All Petrol pump & CNG stations All private & movements office All telecommunications operators office & Towers control room

Why is the project unique?

Yes, as we mentioned before we are the introducer of this technology which is compatible with Bangladeshi perspective. In the developed nations they use control panel zone with this kind of hardware device to inform immediately to the authority. But for the Bangladeshi perspective these technology is not effective. Because, lack of compatibility with the Bangladeshi perspective, unavailability of after sales service, high price and also there are chances of false trigger whereas our innovation is specially designed for Bangladesh. It is also cheaper, user friendly and offering after sales service. It can detect any type of alert device signal and inform specifically. It sends instant SMS and even Mail which technology is not available in any other invented security system. Later on it also preserves all the data about the operation status. So we can say it will bring a new dimension in the security system with the assurance of safety and lesser chances of loss.


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