Balgandharv Sangeet Mahotsav

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To kindle interest in and develop taste for these glorious performing arts in the audiences of Khandesh region (Districts of Jalgaon, Dhule & Nandurbar) which have been relatively deprived of these art forms. The prime focus of Late Vasantrao Chandorkar Smruti Pratishthan is on Preservation, Promotion and Propagation of our rich Cultural Heritage and pass on the same to the next generation, To stimulate & encourage the youth & upcoming artists to pursue and improve their skills in these arts and offer a platform for them to present their skills to local as well as distant audiences. For creating interest of Indian Classical Music especially in youth, we are organizing various classical events round the year. One of them is 3 days Classical Music Festival. The title of the said festival is Balgandharv Sangeet Mahotsav¬Ě Through this festival we are giving platform to established artists as well as upcoming and promising artists too. Jalgaon is a very small district place where organizing such 3 days festival is really a very difficult task.

What do we deliver

We deliver to the society rich cultural events. The target group is audience and upcoming promising artists.

Why is the project unique?

As said we are not only arranging classical cultural events but preserving, promoting and passing on this heritage to the next generation. This is the uniqueness of this activity.


I cannot express this road map in words. It is a continual process of creating interest in youth to do some different work in the field of cultural heritage. Lot of things can be done in this area but the only constraint is financial support. Today also preserving cultural heritage is on the last priority of any corporate CSR budget. This is picture we have to change.


Deepak Vasant Chandorkar

Late Vasantrao Chandorkar Smruti Pratishthan

M.G.Road, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India


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