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This product is known as Dual Language Bangla/English calculator. This is the first calculator of the world that has two languages. All the mathematical operation of this calculator is like the normal calculators only the display is different. The user can do calculation in both Bangla and English language. The calculator has two modes. One is the Bangla mode, where the numerals are in bengali and the other one is the English mode, where all the numerals visible in the display are in English. There is special type of key, known as the mode change key or B/E key, by which the user can change the mode of operation of the calculator. Because of this multi-mode facility, this calculator can ease the mathematical calculation of Bengali speaking people of Bangladesh and all over the world. It was designed for ease of calculation of the rural people and to show respect to the language martyrs of 1952.

What we deliver

Through this product we want to say, that one should love his/her mother language and practice/use it in every sectors of life. That’s why this product is a symbol of our patriotism & concept of implementing technology and practice in our mother language resembles a true patriotic nation. Our target group is all Bengali speaking people and specifically all rural area people. We have seen that still all the mathematical calculations performed on most of the parts of our country in Bengali. They write it in Bengali in papers but they use English calculators. Suppose one has to calculate 3(TIN)+4(CHAR). He is writing Bengali numerals in the paper and is thinking Bengali 3(TIN) and 4(CHAR) in their mind, but pressing English 3 & English 4 numerals in calculator for mathematical calculation. This means the he is not pressing what his brain is thinking. This sometimes create major problem for rural people. On the other hand, the similarity, of Bangla CHAR(8) and English EIGHT(8) creates a huge problem for some people. They always mix these two numerals while calculating and make error. To keep this thing in mind the concept of Bangla Calculator came to our mind. This Bangla Calculator will ease the mathematical operation of all rural and Bengali speaking people.

 Whom we deliver

It is very interactive. They are getting two language in one. And most importantly they are getting their mother language which will ease their mathematical calculation. This is a very user friendly calculator as it is very easy to operate. Our rural people are very happy after seeing this product. Rural shopkeepers, wholesalers, businessmen and even farmers are keeping this Bangla calculator in their home. Who knows, this small step towards implementing mother language in technology is a step towards making Bangla computer.

 Why is the project unique?

Definitely our product is unique. One cannot find it anywhere in the world. This is not only the first Bangla Calculator; this is also the only dual language calculator of the world. One can search in Google by writing dual language calculator, there will be nothing shown except our calculator. The concept, theme and design are totally innovative.


The vision of digital content for development will only be achieved if we can bring technology to every door steps. Even if you bring technology or ICT tools to people, it still won’t have impact on development; because we have to trained people besides bringing ICT tools. As long as the people are not friendly of using the tools, the vision of digital content towards developing will not succeed. So, to make a digital Bangladesh, we have to bring ICT tools to people, then we need to discuss the advantages of using the tools to people, convince them and then a training session for the people to understand the use of these tools.


Gazi Nayeem Manzoor

Bangla Technologies

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