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The system has been made into a platform for all stakeholders related to Sales Information to provide and update relevant information from their respective points of authority. All incoming information comes to the central database and enables the Company and other stakeholders operate efficiently, disseminate up-to-date information via website, and ensure the speedy service delivery.

Business Express in Bangladesh is a new process where the automatic reporting of sales force including order collection is coming up. With connectivity issues with the sales forces and distributor, head office are easing up, companies are thinking in improvement of sales force automation, especially order collection online from the sales force would generate better efficiency in the supply chain of the company. Real time order collection as well as distributor stock information would reduce the lead-time for invoicing resulting cost reduction in order processing and faster delivery of merchandise to the retailers.

What we deliver?

• Introduce and maintain a Central database.
• Arrangements of Training program for Sales force to administer the System.
• From the database user can produce different types of Stock related reports.
• Stored information of Product, Employee, Distributor, Route (Market), Sales, Stock etc in database.

Why is the project unique?

Yes, the project is unique. We use our own platform for developing this project; we use firewall for security; the information collect from end user to central database within few (1/2) seconds. Each user has unique user ID & password. This system can provide a paperless solution.


Jahidul Hasan Mitul

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