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“Babsha Jiggasha” is an interactive call center service where SME clients from across the country can access all kinds of SME related information by dialing 7677 from their mobile phones. This is to help the small and medium entrepreneurs to access SME information in an easy and interactive way. The people often face a lot of problems when trying to get SME information physically by visiting different financial institutes. To get SME information from different banks, they will have to visit the financial institutes separately, which imposes a lot of hassle for them. Sometimes they are asked to go to different sections where they cannot find the proper information. “Babsha Jiggasha” aims to provide a guideline for SME entrepreneurs and give them a one stop solution where they can get:
•Account opening information
•SME Loan information (amount, tenure, facilities etc.) of different banks
•Where to go for particular loan (branches or banks)
•Eligibility criteria information for taking loans from particular category
•Necessary papers information to avail a loan
•Where to get the necessary papers The entrepreneurs are provided with the minuet details of starting a small and medium enterprise and they are handed over the concerned BFSI preparing them with all the information. By using this service, many users are now aware of different SME information and the use is increasing day by day. At the time of Taxation period of the year, many people used this service to receive tax information once aware of the service. The highest hit report was generated at this period. In addition, people are being aware of business registration process through different media. As this service aims to provide registration information also, people have started to use the service and gradually it will help in making the citizens aware of the different business information.

What we deliver?

We are delivering the service to the customer through Call centre.The contents that we deliver are:
1.SME Loan information of All Bank
2.Bank Branch Location
3.Business Registration Procedure, Where to go, What to Do
4.Tin, Vat, Tax Information

Why is the project unique?

This is a unique product as it is the only single hub where most of the government and private banks are connected through a single platform of a Telecom operator. It is a single access point where the SME segment is highlighted and the huge percentage of small and medium entrepreneurs as well as regular citizens wanting to start a business are helped with all the information. People from across the county can get the information simply by dialing a four digit number, and in an interactive way. Not only that, they can get SME information for most of the banks whereas they would have to call a long code of individual banks to get the required information, which is a hard thing to do. This kind of service is the first time in Bangladesh which created a new arena for the SME sector.


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Dhaka, Bangladesh-1000

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