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Cycle Chalao! Aims to make ‘Cycling’ as the best mode of public transportation in India by establishing high-end bicycle rental systems for covering first & last kilometers in daily commuting. By providing point to point rental services of bicycles for short distance commuting, Cycle Chalao provides citizens the power to:

• Curb Air & Noise Pollution

• Save Fuel

• Burn Calories & Improve Fitness

• Save Time • Save Money

• Enjoy the fun & Happiness of cycling.

Every day! By subscribing to the service, the cyclists will be free from:

• Traffic Jams

• Over crowded Public Transportation

• Waiting time & Mercy from other modes of transport

• Guilty of polluting Earth. Every day! We’re here to help people in cycling safer, better and more!

 What we deliver

Bicycles on Hire, Travel Routes, Bicycle ride guidelines and education on carbon reduction.

 Whom we deliver

The collection and deposit points at selected areas are specially marked for students to register and use bicycles.

 Why is the project unique?

We provide the last mile assured eco-friendly transportation model. Unlike the traditional bicycle rentals where the bicycle has to be deposited at the same point of collection, here we are providing pick-up and drop services at any of the point, additionally we offer unlimited cycling to the users depending on their usage patterns. Our instruments of mass communication revolve around putting awareness on climate change issues into practice thereby appealing to global audience. Though there have been many bicycle sharing services worldwide none matches the conditions we’re working in with the involved levels of simplicity.


Our vision is to search, develop and implement people friendly technology through bicycle sharing system. The ICT tools will help us create Locking and Tracking real time analytics for efficient use in the service.


Raj Janagam

I-initiate Charitable Society

201, Shivsankalp CHS, Gandhinagar, L.R.Papan Marg, Worli

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India





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