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Mobile growth in India has been explosive in the past few years; with saturations levels being achieved in Metros and Tier 1 towns, communication providers are increasingly concentrating to add mobile users from semi urban and rural segments. Mobile enablement is not only making content services popular among the entertainment starved rural India but also enabling them with the right to access to information at their fingertips, with added localization which enhances their livelihood and voice enabled interface you get a powerful much needed user communication tool. Dakia gives the rural user access to Information Power, helping them benefit by community driven socially / financially relevant information to benefit from, no matter how remote a location user is in, with community driven social messaging, user can be contacted to provide useful information at particular event triggers. Dakia empowers a mobile enabled user to use voice enabled digital medium to bring a technology illiterate rural community member access information to which he was excluded from given his lack of accessibility to technology and information . With a affordable , multilingual application which actually adds value to a rural user helping him/her with community driven relevant information to enhance his/her productivity , it turns out to be a key differentiator for communication provides to offer unique services to expanding base of customers in the rural segment One97 partnered with a farmer/rural community trusted organization which are in the business to provide reliable and quality inputs to the farmers. There are over 38K registered co – operative societies associated with the organization, with members of these co-operatives who have opted in to receive reliable tips and information. Without the digital communication medium and virtually non existent personalized wire line telephony systems information delivery in real/right time was always a problem area. One97’s Dakia product line addresses this problem by providing a platform where by people of a region having relevant information can share it with other members of group. For E.g. Information related to : * scheduled power cut * information on crop diseases and treatment * weather information, * new market price of a certain crop * any other relevant information can be shared with other members by simply dialing a short code and recording a voice message , which when authenticated and approved in passed onto the community for their immediate benefit

What we deliver?

a. Offers voice based messaging for the rural community b. Provides a platform for content creation and dissemination

Why is the project unique?

In the Rural vas segment, only product in which content is driven and consumed by the community.


One97 Communication Ltd
Sanjay Singh
Uttar Pradesh

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