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The Background In the context of the rapid growth of mobile phone penetration in developing country like India, mobile telephony is currently considered to be particularly important for development. Yet, until recently, very little systematic evidence was available that shed light on the developmental impacts of mobile telecommunication. The objective of this project is to evaluate the case of mobile phones as a tool to enable post purchase delight by making the customer understand the right way to use the product. The Challenge: Post Purchase, usage of scientific products has always been a challenge to the underserved community. The user manual is seldom understood because of various reasons. It leads to mishandling of the product and waste of money at the user end. The project Mobile SMS based instant customer product training and warranty activation How does it work: After purchasing the product, users are guided to send an SMS stating the product serial number. They are enthused to send SMS because of 2 reasons (i) It activates the warranty of the product, (ii) They enrol themselves in the monthly Lucky draw which gives prizes like Mobile Phone, T-Shirts etc. A sticker placed on the product gives the user necessary details and guides him to send SMS Once the SMS is received at the company office, trained tele-callers call the user and confirm his details and activate the warranty. They also train him on the usage of the product. The call is closed after satisfactory reply from the user. How does it benefit the user: 1) The warranty gets activated and also communicated 2) The product usage training is imparted 3) The relationship with the manufacturer is established 4) All kinds of curiosity and questions are answered around the product of the concept of solar technology.

 What we deliver

Delighting the customer means going beyond requirements and expectations and finding ways to offer superb products and services that makes the customer feel special. From this SMS initiative, we offer: Customer requirements: Usually, it is easy to tell what the customer requires. But through this SMS method we come to know critical questions like What have customers told us they want? Are the product specifications reasonable for them in daily use? Do we as a company have the capacity and ability to deliver the product or service on time? The answer to these questions helps in understanding the demands of the customers. Customer expectations: we must be aware that a customer doesn’t always tell us everything he wants. Sometimes, he may assume that the manufacturer knows what is needed without clearly specifying what that is. Customer delight: The warranty gets activated and also communicated 1) The product usage training is imparted 2) The relationship with the manufacturer is established 3) All kinds of curiosity and questions are answered around the product of the concept of solar technology.

 Whom we deliver

Our project provides high degree of customer interactivity which positively impacts product performance. After sending the SMS the customer receives a call from the company and there is a healthy discussion on the product usage, do’s and dont’s and how to increase the life of the battery.

 Why is the project unique?

The innovativeness of the IDEA lies in the unique system of Customer interaction with the manufacturer immediately after purchase. The uniqueness also lies in extending the benefits of customer service to the underserved. The uniqueness lies in spotting a customer issue, responding to them and solving their problem in minutes using mobile media providing an exceptional customer experience.


Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. It has altered our economic structures and ways we communicate. The vision of Digital content for development should be to foster wealth creation, reduce unemployment and create self-sustaining communities by providing marginalized people in rural communities with the technology tools, training and resources to enable them to realize their greatest potential. The information highway is leaving the Indian youth poorer in ICT knowledge, skills and global reach. Thousands of young people leave school with the hope of developing a career and sustainable life that often turns into an illusion. A systematic and targeted infusion of ICTs in underserved rural communities in India and the consequent empowerment of youth through information and technology knowledge will serve as a coup de grace to youth poverty, crime, violence, prostitution and unemployment.


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