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Description :

Customer can access the service by just dialing an IVR short code. User calling through IVR can select from Hindu, Islam, Sikh and Christianity as its preferred religion along-with their preferred language of access. During the call user can change its choice anytime. User can enjoy from more than fifty sub categories of content under these religions as per its choice while listening to exclusive content like religious books namely Ramayana, Geeta, Kurran & Guru Granth Sahib. User can start its call from where he/she left last time to listen/enjoy the continuity of the religious books. Additionally user can select any piece of content as its ‘Daily Devotional Alert’ to start its daily rituals irrespective of the region he is. The same clip (any other also) can be selected by the user for its Caller tunes and also to dedicate to its friend and relatives anytime, anywhere.

What we deliver?

Customer of all age groups are the target customers for the service including the specific user groups/sects like Baba Ramdev, Asa Ram Bapu, Guru Maa, Osho etc. categories like (e.g.) Mantras, Stutis and Chalisas are built in especially to cater to the user groups who are very ritualistic in nature.

Why is the project unique?

Yes. It’s unique and innovative since the service is designed as per the convenience of the end users by facilitating them to listen and enjoy the content of their choice anytime anywhere just by the press of a button. Moreover service offers wide range of categories and sub-categories along-with content on special occasions and festivals under respective religions for the ease of the users and for the satisfaction of their religious sentiments. System intelligence supports the customer in various ways by capturing the user’s choice for language, religion, category & sub-category of the content. It also captures where the user left (in between the clip) to provide a seamless experience to the end user.


Pankaj Gupta
Spice Digital Limited
Noida, UP

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