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Dhanax is an online offline social lending network that facilitates individuals to lend to poor woman self help groups in India. The Self help groups use the funds to start a new business or fund existing business and the lenders get a 14% return on their money. Dhanax connects the lenders to the needy borrowers and build a vibrant India.

What we deliver

Through Dhanax individuals can lend out money to needy woman entrepreneur groups and also earn a good return on their investment. Dhanax conducts all the due diligence on the groups and also takes up responsibility of repayments and stands as a guarantor to the lenders principal amount. Dhanax aims at connecting the underprivileged class with the affluent investors.

Whom we deliver

The lender user experience is fast, easy and secure. The lender can go through the details of all the groups. The details include the groups contact address, their savings amount, the group leader’s name, the purpose for which the loan is being taken. The bank details to which the amount has to be transferred is given in the website. Once the transfer is done, the lenders can track their repayments on our website.

Why is the project unique?

DhanaX is inspired by the unique ability of an online community to pool in their might to help others. dhanaX aspires to be a pioneering model for successful and innovative online social lending. dhanaX aims to: 1. Support and provide easy access to low cost credit for poor borrowers to supplement their income. 2. Provide a credible and lucrative investment opportunity for the social investor. dhanaX targets unbanked Indian population whose monthly income is between Rs.5000 to 10,000/- dhanaX aims to enhance their hopes of availing easy credit from the fellow Indians.


ICT tools, especially mobile technologies, have great potential to bridge the “financial exclusive problem” for millions of self employed poor women, farmers and other individuals. This will have tremendous impact on their standard of living and thus create a vibrant India.


Siva Cotipalli

dhanaX Information Services Pvt Ltd

32/1, Ranga Rao Road, Shankarpuram

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

URL/Website –

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