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This innovation was made looking at the procrastinations and conventional method of delivery system in the district administration. Things were modified by introducing ICT in the place in such a way that entire gamut of the information’s, reports and other necessary instructions are made available to the entire citizen by providing them above all in the form broadcasted messages. E-Mahiti Shakti aims to bring transparency in system, inform and educate people, reduce time in delivery system, building capacity among rural/urban target groups and strengthening e-Governance in a cost efficient manner by using information and communication technology. It is a novel way to empower citizens through authentic & timely information. Information related to Govt., PSUs, APMCs, banks and even private players can be displayed. Disaster related (Cyclone, Heavy rain etc), Agriculture (APMCs market prices), Education, Health, DRDA, Watershed, Civil Supply, MGNREGA, Election, Gram Sabha can reach to the target groups with in seconds. This project ensures transparency in administration. (Direct contact with villagers) and provide 24 hrs alert system.

What we deliver

By this project we broadcast all kinds of services related to G2G, G2C, G2E, G2B. G2C: Various stakeholders, beneficiaries, all BPL families, women, Anganwadi (Children), Students and Physically challenged are considered most important consumer and are getting benefited by obtaining Govt. scheme related information. Outcome of G2C attribute is enormous. Almost in all departments beneficiaries are applying more and more. Taking one example of Gram Swagat the applicant which was only 18 in the month of July 2011 increased by 426 in the month of August 2011. G2G: This display unit is/will be installed at various govt. offices. Sending information is easy, cheaper and instant by this media from one govt. office to another. Taking example of Panchayat Department in Amreli district we are sending different instruction to sub offices within seconds at grass roots level. G2B: Various important information, minutes and instruction are/will be sent to corporate, business world and commercial parties. Decisions of govt. are easily available to APMCs, Banks etc. organization immediately for their compliance. G2E: Employee welfare is a important goal of this district ICT project various details like pension benefits, disciplinary action, transfers, promotion, post retirement information are made available via this media. Information related to Govt., PSUs, APMCs, banks and even private players can be displayed. Disaster related (Cyclone, Heavy rain etc), Agriculture (APMCs market prices), Education, Health, DRDA, Watershed, Civil Supply, MGNREGA, Election, Gram Sabha can reach to the target groups with in seconds. A LED panel is installed in every village along with the modem and an interface card which is connected to the district server and display information in the form of message.

Whom we deliver

This project has been designed in such a way that in every village people can get benefited at their doorstep. Coverage of this project is entire society rural urban women senior citizen children physically disabled BPL literate & even illiterate. Private players, banks and different govt. departments who will use this platform to provide information to rural people within seconds.

How is the project unique?

Till now it was only Railway stations, Shopping malls which were using LED panels. Now, with this project we created history by becoming the first “E-broadcast” district throughout the nation. Very first time GSM based technology is used to broadcast messages/information up to village level. It is very first kind of project in the Gujarat regarding mass information sharing programs. It would be very beneficial for the rural masses. There will not be any lacuna between rural as well as urban population in the sphere of information and awareness. From State Capital/District head quarters with in no time information may be broadcasted to the remotest located villages. This broadcasting of information will bring transparency in system, boon in the disastrous situation and build capacity among stakeholders by providing them useful information.


Our roadmap and long term vision has three goals. 1- This project has been inaugurated by Hon CM of Gujarat state on 5th of may 2011. At the time of inauguration he was quite impressed with the project and decided to declare this community broadcast programme to be implemented throughout the state in all 18000 villages. At the same time he gave us direction that we people should develop this project in such a way that it becomes pilot project for the state. Now this increased our responsibility to prepare this model in such a way that it fits for the entire state. This is why this project has been little delayed in its completion. Our roadmap is to build whole project a robust and flawless in its delivery mechanism including technical aspect also in mind. 2- Secondly, there should be pattern in broadcasting of the message delivery system. Until and unless a utilitarian aspect will not be there people will not look at the panels. That is why that kind of message like APMC prices for farmers, scholarship related information for students, health and vaccination related broadcasting for the general masses are required to be sent to the masses. Any public construction which is going on in a village should be informed to the locals so that they can keep a watch over it. So to increase participation in govt will be our roadmap for the project. 3- Technically and financially also if system not runs in a proper manner then also broadcasting will be affected. So we will always keep this thing in mind that on that platforms also it should perform well.


District Panchayat Amreli (Gujarat)
Shri Alok Kumar Pandey, IAS, Shri A.L.Punjani
Station Road, District Panchayat Office, Amreli (Gujarat) Amreli Gujarat – 365601
URL/Website –

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