First Global Green Meet (Himalaya) 2009

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GLOBAL GREEN MEET (Himalaya 2009) (05-04-2009 to 09-04-2009) Subject: – Climate and Biodiversity Changes in Himalaya are dangerous for Global Environment. It is a great pleasure and honor to extend my cordial thanks to you to the Global Environmentalist meeting here in Himalayan situated at pristine valley of Manali District Kullu (H.P.) Global climate change is reality. While the extent of human influence is under discussion, its very fact is undeniable. Fast climate change & Biodiversity changing in Himalayas is Dangerous for global environment. Environmental degradation is taking place alarmingly other developmental projects; Rivers, Lakes & ground water is going too polluted in Himalayas. There is genuine need to develop the capacity understanding the reason of climate change. Need to working at the grass roots level in diverse field line pollution control Biodiversity, protection of forest cover, soil conservation, noise control, urban water management, wildlife, animal rights of the people “Greenson” had invited all scientists experts, principals, Teachers, Environmentalist actively involved on weather, climate change and biodiversity studies. Exposure to all aspects: – Such as better understanding regarding.

What we deliver

Organizing the hilly women, organizing a District level orientation workshop Involvement in identifying and conservation of culture Heritage Awareness ecology conservation Awareness about greater impacts of Ecology and Environment. Organic agriculture initiatives Enrolment of Farmers Quality farming practices.

Whom we deliver

To achieve this mission, greenson developed a conceptual base and developed a proposal to establish a need based institution is association with cooperative sector, after perceiving the cooperative sector which is the only means to transfer of economic benefit of grass root level and the vehicle to change the economic scenario of the state like Himachal Pradesh. To explore the economic opportunity exists in the state and to establish an identical way of delivering benefits to the general mass.

Why is the project unique?

The western Himalaya region covers Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttaranchal. The geo- physical conditions, natural and human resources are more over common. This region of mother source of several river systems. This is the life line for not only the people of this region but vast area of planes too. This Mountain region control and decide the weather conditions. The area is rich in bio-diversity and some species are very near to instinct. The people in general are trapped in poverty due to several socio- Economic and policy disorders. In the Name of poverty elevation, several Projects and Programmes are going on mostly and are ill- conceived and dominated by local elites. We are primarily concerned with Himachal Pradesh to provide a multidimensional and multipurpose approach by an eco friendly Model for real empowerment through a transparent participatory enabling process to attain self reliance and autonomy.


“Digital content for development” could may use in all kind of transparency through internet , websites , Blogs and By the Email, we can send our letters in second over all worlds. Information communication Technology Tools could may use for the fast communication and save the time. So ICT tools could may use towards making positive impact on development.


Dinesh Sharma


NAC-88, Gompa Road, Manali, Kullu

Himachal Pradesh, India



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