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When computer was invented it was using English as main language for communication. But now days it has got an ability to use multiple languages for easy communication. It has got many enriching fonts to let users depict what they have to offer in various shades and styles. With ever increasing importance of Hindi language and the wide use of computers in every phase of life, a need has arisen to make every Devenagari font compatible with more and more systems. However when typing in different languages, KEY MAPPING is the biggest issue because every font has its own distinct KEY EQUIVALENT. It is very tiresome for users who work with different fonts. With above background “FONT PROCESSOR” offers great significance which is developed by us after identifying this problem. This is mainly developed for Devenagari language and is compatible with virtually every Hindi/Marathi font being used. It has also got another important feature of being convertible to English fonts.

 What we deliver

It mainly delivers the content full service; it is software which makes the Hindi/Marathi document in digital paperless form. There are thousands of Hindi or Marathi fonts exists in Market, so professional type writer has to remember key mappings of each and every font and it is very difficult task for other peoples also. Due to Font Processor it becomes easy to convert a Marathi document from one font to another font. It has various advantages like, it reduces load on CPU by providing efficient Memory management. Currently it supports more than 900 fonts and in future we will implement all the existing Marathi fonts. It also provide user friendly typing of Marathi fonts such that you should type spelling of Marathi word in English and you will get equivalent Marathi word in required Marathi Font.

 Whom we deliver

For Hindi/Marathi language users this Font Processor has become one of the great advantages as they can type out the subject matter in any font as they like. Customer target group is Hindi/Marathi language users on computer.

Why is the project unique?

The project is unique as there is none parallel to it. Secondly, it is easy to use and compatible with any operating system. Our software consists of three Main modules:  1. Marathi to Marathi Converter: It converts document consist of multiple H/M fonts into required H/M font without making change in its matter. 2. English to Marathi typing: Type the spelling of Marathi word in English; you will get equivalent word in Marathi. 3. English to Marathi Converter: If the document is lost while typing then just copy English format you have typed and paste in E2M converter and you will get your lost document. OBJECTIVES: Main objective is that to make easy conversion of Marathi font. Your Marathi document is in the font say “shivaji05” and you want to convert it into say “Bhaskar” font then you need to retype it. So it is time consuming. It will convert Marathi font used in document in specified Marathi font. So it saves time.


There is a Huge scope for development of the software because it is the tool required for Language communication. Similar software can be developed for other languages in india or other countries and therefore there is international demand for this application. Emailed Answer : Information is the most important entity which is required for the overall development. Information can be in any state, visual, audible. Information is the basic foundation of knowledge and Intellectual. But this information exists in different geographical locations and the sources are not always accessible. When such an intellectual property i.e information remains unidentified and undisclosed, growth of the particular sector is suppressed and further development is not possible. Development caters to the basic need of Mankind; without development Mankind cannot archive the goal and targets. Therefore for development, information needs to be traveled at the speed of light, information has to be flowed freely. There should not be any obstacle to access the information. Whatever may be the type of the information, whatever may be the geography of the information, whatever may be the time of information, it has to be made available to masses and it has to be used in an efficient and proper manner. Also this information should be arranged in a structured and formatted way which should have the meaningful usage. Therefore digitization of the information is the prime requirement which leads to the proper development. Digital Content is nothing but the digital form of the information which uses the latest technology of the world and is just a click away. Digital content is accessible irrespective of the geographical location, the time and media. Digital information can be downloaded, can be transferred, can be modified at a fraction of Second which leads to the efficient use of the data and the correctness and the increase in the productivity. This finally leads to the Development in the proper sense. ICT tools are the medium through which this digital information is accessible within time. These tools can be used in proper fashion to collect the data, modify the latest changes and to access in a timely and proper manner. ICT tools are certified and thoroughly tested tools which are used by the masses to get the instant access to the information which leads to the overall development.


Ajay Sanjay Garg

C/o Maheshchandra Agrawal,Subhash Pandharkar Nagar, Rly. Gate no. 57, Near Jai Ganesh Vision, Akurdi.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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