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The Government of Goa in India has made a foray into the world of hi-tech e-governance with the implementation of an end-to-end IP backbone in the state, called the Goa Broadband Network, or GBBN. This Super high speed network infrastructure will be leveraged to change the way Administrative Services are delivered to citizens, businesses, and Government employees. The GBBN has been designed to connect the State Headquarters. District Head Quarter with all 11 Talukas, Village Panchayats, Households, institution across the State. GBBN it is 10 Gbps in partial mesh topology with no single point failure nodes. Goa has the honour of being the first state in country to have connected all its 189 Village panchayats to its respective Taluka HQ @ 1 Gbps. The goal is to provide ultra speedy and transparent governance system capable of providing better services to the common citizens of the State. Goa will be the first state to have IP based architecture, GBBN supporting voice, video and data. This is an end-to-end IP network, which carries data, phone calls as well as videoconferences on the same converged infrastructure. The network will be used for communicating between the G2G, G2B, G2C, and other Government departments. The network potential will also be harnessed by putting it into use for broader range of applications including social usage such as e-learning. With this, Goa becomes the first state in the country to have in place a truly converged Wide Area Network, the GBBN which carries voice, video and data encapsulated in IP packets across the state.

What do we deliver?

Through GBBN project , intranet and internet service are provide to all Government offices, Village Panchayats and Corporations.

Whom we deliver?

All Government Offices and Corporation in the State of Goa.

How is the project unique?

The GBBN Project is a very unique one, When it is compared to any traditional SWAN (State Wide Area Network), We can conclude all the fundamental differences. Firstly, the traditional SWAN network has very limited Vertical & Horizontal connectivity pipelines. Ex. All the District HQ will be connected to their respective State HQ @16 to 32 Mbps on copper based leased lines whereas the GBBN Network has established a 10 Gbps fiber based intranet connecting State HQ to District HQ, The traditional SWAN will have hardly 8 to 10 Mbps of connectivity between DHQ to Taluka HQ whereas GBBN it is 10 Gbps in partial mesh topology with no single point failure nodes. Goa has the honour of being the first state in country to have connected all its 189 Village panchayats to its respective Taluka HQ @ 1 Gbps. In other SWAN network a ongoing Multi video conference session will get hanged or disrupted if any link involved in the session gets down but here in GBBN due to no single point failure nodes & zero loss fiber network there are absolutely no losses & the VC sessions are conducted very smoothly.


The vision of the GBBN is create a secure, reliable and accessible State-wide information superhighway sustained through an expanding set of digital services transforming Goa into a fully connected digital State. Objective of GBBN is to provide broadband network infrastructure with Optic Fiber Cable connectivity coupled with wireless connectivity as needed, throughout the State of Goa. The GBBN shall provide 10 Gbps connectivity from the State Headquarters/ District Headquaters upto the Taluka (Block) level, and 1 Gbps connectivity from Taluka level to village level and 10 Mbps connectivity to the household level and shall connect all the Government offices with a Bandwidth of 1 Gbps. The Broadband infrastructure to be established shall be capable of reaching all parts of the State and shall be able to deliver the following bandwidths to Government and public institutions: 10 Gbps connectivity between State Headquater (Panjim) and District Headquater (Margao) 10 Gbps connectivity from State Headquarter and District Headquater up to the Taluka level 1 Gbps connectivity from Taluka level to Village Panchayat level 1 Gbps to all semi-government organizations including Educational Institutions, Hospitals and other designated locations, 10 Mbps to the connected households in Goa.


Department of Information Technology, Government of Goa
Shri. Pravin R. Chandekar, Director IT
2nd Floor, Alcon Construction, Above Alcon Hyundai Showroom, Porvorim, Bardez, Goa 403 521, India
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