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With the climate change triggered by pollution is adversely effecting the agriculture crops. With frequent droughts and floods the importance of horticulture crops which can withstand the long dryspells interspersed by floods. Farmers are facing difficulties due to lack of a transparent, efficient one-stop non-stop online services to solve their problems. Hortnet is an online workflow automation system for the benefit the farmers to ensure an end -end holistic approach covering production, post harvest management, processing and marketing to assure appropriate returns to growers /producers.

What we deliver

State level registry of farmers along with Aadhaar compliance system. Online Facilities for monitoring following activities. Production of planting material 1. Establishment of new gardens 2. Rejuvenation/ replacement of senile plantation 3. Creation of water resources sources 4. Protected cultivation 5. Precision Farming development and extension through PFDCS 6. Promotion of INM/IPM 7. Organic Farming 8. HRD 9. Pollination support through beekeeping 10. Technology dissemination through demonstration/Front line demonstration POST HARVEST MANAGEMENT D) PROCESSING & VALUE ADDITION Planning Tool. Budgeting Tool. Perfmance Management Tool, Accounting Tool. Auditing Tool, Project management Tool. Integrated Communication Tool, Material management Tool,Knowledge management Tool.

Whom we deliver

Sub-district level Horticulture Officers, District level officers and State level officers of the Horticulture Dept, Consultants and Agriculture Dept officials, Suppliers, Farmers, Farmers societies etc., Govt of India officials.

How is the project unique?

This is the first cost effective solution to the entire workflow automation to render services to the farmers by Govt depts. No other farmer centric Govt portal has this many features and services profile.


To promote this as a single solution to monitor and manage information related to all the farmer centricl welfare schemes in various sectors of socio-economic development I.e., Agriculture, Horticulture, fisheries, epiculture, Animal Husbandary etc.,


Dept of Horticulture , Govt of India.
K Rajasekhar
NIC APSC, Tankbund Road Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh- 500063
URL/Website – Http://

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