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InMobi SmartPay™ is built to help developers, game companies, and digital entertainment providers in the US $200bn digital goods and virtual goods marketplace scale quickly and easily into new markets by providing a one-time, no-cost, single point of integration across multiple countries including the US, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa, and Malaysia. It offers a single, easy to use, low cost point of integration for global expansion that provides access to 1 bn mobile device users. Local market expertise in all technical, legal, regulatory, taxation, and content guideline issues allows our clients to focus on global business expansion instead of tedious operational issues. Our dynamic consumer buying path creation process, data and analytics platform, and advertising insights, help clients maximize conversion in any region around the globe. InMobi SmartPay™ is a global mobile payments solution that offers consumers a seamless, pure mobile checkout experience using secure, trusted direct to carrier billing to start, but expanding to all forms of mobile payment methods including banks, credit cards, PayPal, and peer-to-peer payment services such as mPesa in Kenya.

What we deliver

We allow developers and publishers to reach 1bn mobile users and enable these users to pay through direct billing to carrier for now, and expanding to other payment methods in the future. Especially useful for geographies where credit card and online payment methods penetration is low.

Whom we deliver

We are in beta stage so are unable to share these details. Some key clients are app and game developers, and mobile web publishers in every region.

Why is the project unique?

Today’s mobile payment options are simple pipelines, which offer very little beyond providing transactional support. InMobi SmartPay™ is a ‘performance based’ payments platform that provides data and insights through an easy to use interface. It helps merchants optimize conversion paths, improve product offerings, and determine proper pricing to maximize ROI. You can also track advertising performance from the impression all the way through to conversion. The result is better ad targeting, higher conversion rates and improved revenues.” InMobi SmartPay™ technology automatically recognizes the country, handset, operator and OS of the consumer and dynamically serves the buying path most likely to convert. With 4.2 million possible combinations, automating this task is a huge benefit to developers.


Our mission is to connect businesses and developers to consumers around the world with innovative, best of breed mobile technology and services. InMobi SmartPay™ will help us with that journey and our evolution as a company to be a key technology enabler within the global mobile ecosystem, especially for the developer community.”


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