Integrated Financial & Forestry Works Management System (i-FFWMS)

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Every thing revolves around money. Whether it is works or workers or record keeping including accounts and departmental audit or social audit, the focus is on money, interest is money and impact is money. Money in the form of receipts or money in the form of expenditure, its only money and money only. So managing the money is of utmost importance. If not managed properly it may lead to aberrations in personal behavior, in social behavior and in national characteristic leading to bankruptcy not only fiscal but intellectual also. So management of money has to be give prime importance at all levels and for stakeholders. The basis of the strategy adopted to the existing scenario in forestry sector was to manage the money systematically in a transparent manner so as to avoid its obnoxious and unwarranted effects and use the organization’s energy for NOMINATION FORM for 2011 MP FOREST DEPT. IFFWMS PROJECT NOMINATION FOR MANTHAN 2011 creative and development works. The main object of the project was to design and develop an integrated e-Governance system for forestry sector using the optimal & judicious use of the available technologies (like Web, MIS, GIS, Remote Sensing, PDA, Solar Power etc) with the aim to – Streamline the core processes; automate routine and repetitive tasks to increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the system by minimizing the manual effort in the preparation and compilation of the accounts and creation and updation of related cash books, reports, and registers. – Managing the budget process and ensuring timely release of budget and sanction to various field offices for works. Ensuring effective and optimal utilization of the available budget – Systematically organize planning, implementation and monitoring of forestry and other related operations by systemic collection, storage and retrieval of MIS and Geo-spatial data in an integrated manner. – Facilitate the transparency in operations & concurrent monitoring of forestry works by making the forestry related information readily accessible to all stakeholders to make administration responsive, accountable and service oriented. – Monitoring & control of Revenue and Expenditure. Enforce strict adherence to Forest financial rules and discipline, Timely release of payment to all Stakeholders..

What do we deliver?

Yes.. we deliver online services to our field staff.

How is the project unique?

This the only project in government or public sector where following information/documents are created online & published in REAL-TIME on public domain/portal without involving any human intervention a) All Vouchers/receipts are automatically published on the public interface b) All details of all vehicles and details of the amount on the individual vehicle (Vouchers pertaining to that vehicle) c) Cheques issued by any office d) All works and their progress e) The vouchers that have been booked against any work f) All cashbooks ledgers of offices Any citizen can visit the public portal of the application and can view any of the above information/document The PDA based path breaking ICT initiative of MP Forest Department is unique innovative and original. The initiative uses latest state of art technology and tools. The distinct features which makes this initiative innovative are as follows: The project is a unique blend and fine integration of diverse technologies such as Remote Sensing, MIS, GIS, GPS, Image Processing, mobile computing, communication and data processing. GPS facilitated hands held mobile devices (PDAs) were introduced to capture data at source in remote locations. Mobile application has been used for e-governance purposes. Digital maps are used on PDAs to create digital inventory. Geo-mapping of works has been introduced for the first time in country. Geo-mapping is done for all the three types of features on the land that is, point, line and polygon. The processed data is served on mobile devices and on the net through departmental website in a visualized manner to all stakeholders. The front end navigation is easy and hassle free and at back end the technologies are so integrated that the out put does not reflect the complexities involved. Change detection using multi-spectral High Resolution Satellite Imageries (50 cms resolution) and image processing technique over a time period has been introduced first time in the country to monitor the land based works. Change in physical progress can be detected for a point line and polygon feature. Ariel photography has been initiated by the department in the state to capture multi-spectral high resolution imageries of 15 to 20 cms resolution for detecting change for very small objects. The mobile based applications have three modules that is Mobile, PC and Web module. Web module of application provides a knowledge sharing platform to all the stake holders in a unique way. Web Simulation o Provides monitoring platform to drill down to the source of data origin to understand the details and action taken at all levels. o Assists in evaluating the performance of individuals and of the administrative units. o Facilitates automated messaging and mailing system which executes SMS and email to pass on concise information to concerned stakeholders as an alert. o Reveals in visualization mode the location where data has been uploaded in real time. The visualization is on Google maps for easier understanding. o Provides real time photographs/videos/documents of actual happenings. o Shows current status and historical data on dash boards both graphically and numerically for easier depiction. o Reveals physical progress of works over a time period for all the types of features on land. Progress of activities such as a well (point feature), field bunds (a line feature), and plantations and stop dams etc. (polygon feature) can be monitored.


The application and its concepts are being replicated in several other State Forest Depts and GoI Ministries.


MP Forest Department & National Informatics Center.
Anil Oberoi
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (IT), MP Forest Department, IT Wing Basement, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal (MP) 462011
URL/Website –

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