Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System (I3MS)

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Royalty tax and other rents are some form of taxes whose collection is the chief activity of the state government for all Mines in its jurisdiction. Apart from that maintaining a transparent environment between the companies constituting the lessees and the licensees and the government is another prerogative of the government. The bigger objective is however to control, check and monitor the mineral traffic in the state. The major problem in carrying out these activities was non-availability of data at the right time to the right person. This is where I3MS filled the gap. First and foremost, a master level database of all these Lessees and Licensees was required. For this an online application in the website was hosted. Thence all carriers were registered into the system and issued RFID cards, embedded with Transit permit and pass information. This data stored in encrypted format in the RFID was easily updated through NFC technology available in Nokia mobiles. Mobile technology was used for information, updation and approval of the mineral traffic in all the check points namely, the mines, check gates, weighbridge, and railway sidings. The system also generates different kind of MIS reports, which helps the Directorate of Mines to take intelligent decision making while collecting taxes.

 What we deliver

• Development & Implementation of MIS Software o Codification of All Lessees & Licensees o Development of MIS Software for Lessees & Licensees o User ID & Password Creation of All Stakeholders o MIS Reports • Development & Implementation of Permit & Pass Management System o Development of Online Transit Permit & Pass Application by Lessees & Licensees o Development of Online Application for Issue of Transit Permit & Pass o Development of Application Software for Mineral Transportation o Integration of MIS Software for Issue of Permit o Integration of Payment Gateway for advance payment of Royalty • Development and Implementation of RFID Based Mineral Transportation Tracking System o Development and Integration of RFID Card for Tracking of Mineral Transportation o Development of Application Software for Mobile to read & Write RFID Cards • On-Site Support o Onsite Support at all Mining Circles o Onsite Support at PMU • Hardware Infrastructure o Purchase of RFID o Purchase of RFID o Purchase of RFID Card Reader & Writer o Purchase of Mobile Handset including application o CUG Tower & Wireless Equipments • Training & Handholding o Training at State Head Quarter for MIS Data Updation o Training to Lessees at Joda and Keonjhar for Permit & Pass Management System o Training to Concerned Officers for Permit & Pass Management System at Joda & Keonjhar • Setup & Configuration o Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of Servers and Networking equipments at Data Center, Mining Office, Checkgate, Railway Siding, PMU o Configuration & Installation of CUG Wireless Equipments o Erecting CUG Towers o Setting up Network Connectivity between all Locations

 Whom we deliver

The major stakeholders of this project are Steel & Mines Department Authorities & other 10 – Major Departments who are involved for granting ML/RML, Mines Owner, Mineral Licensee, Govt. Checking Staff at Mines Weighbridge, Checking Staff at Railway Siding, Checking Staff at Govt. Check gate. However the beneficiaries include the Mines Owner, Production Unit, Mineral Traders, Crusher units, Govt. Check gates, Department of Police, Customs & Citizen etc.

Why is the project unique?

A lot of brainstorming sessions with Government and other stakeholders have given birth to this unique system of Mines Monitoring system. The plan have been scrutinized by experts from different fields like IIT Professors, IT Experts from IIIT, IT department, Orissa, Legal and big Companies like TATA & ESSEL Group. Technology has been selected keeping in view the practical problem at the mines/ railway sidings and check gates. Mobile technology has been extensively used to transfer data from remote locations where Internet facility is not available. Closed User Group network has been established in all the Mining Offices through Tower Set up. RFID cards are used as a transportation mechanism to check illegal smuggling of minerals from the mines lease area. All weigh bridges are integrated and information are directly fed to RFID card to avoid manipulations at the source. Check gates are provided with Handheld Mobile devices to read the RFID card and get it verified from the PMS system. Payment Gateway with Government Treasury department is done for the first time so that mines owners do not have to stand in queue in any government offices. Also Business process Reengineering has been applied to make the process smooth and user friendly. A Project Management Unit has been formulated chaired by Secretary, Steel & Mines that takes project review on regular interval and monitors the project implementation.


After e-Governance, the buzz round these days is about m-Governance. m – Governance can be termed as a sub domain or complimentary of e – Governance. It helps in extending the reach of governance to a larger population by providing information and government services anytime and anywhere. It has emerged as an effective tool for good governance in not only facilitating a flow of information between departments, institutions, and various layers of the government but also in creating openness and transparency. Imagine that you are travelling in the terrains of Himalaya and lost your way, then and there will come out your mobile phones having GPRS enable Maps for your rescue. This would have been not possible 5 years ago. This shows the power of mobile technology. These applications are now the growth driver of the mobile phones. The reasons for the rising interest in governing through mobile are not tough to guess. As the Indian telecom subscriber base reaches the astounding figure of 500 mn, mobile phones have become the most accessible tool of communication available to such a large population, thus making it the best way for delivery of information at the citizens’ doorsteps-that too in a personalized way. IT companies should join hand with telecom companies and potentially enhance the outreach to millions of citizens simultaneously at the touch of a button. Possibilities of mobile applications are almost endless. Connecting with the World Wide Web and bespoke applications of edutainment, this can also be used as an immensely powerful tool to educate the children or underprivileged adults, facilitate trade and commerce, empower and enrich different kinds of trainings or for sheer fun like listening music, watching movies, do some reading and so on and so forth. Along with this, you have the always have options to shoot photos, chat with friends, check your stock movement or children’s examination result. Last but not the least; it will be worth proclaiming that “mobile technology m – power citizens in availing various services on-the-go.”


Shri Manoj Ahuja, IAS (Commissioner, Steel & Mines)

Department of Steel & Mines, Government of Orissa

Secretariat Building, Bhubaneswar

Orissa, India



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