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The Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) established a community radio station (CRS) for farmers at Sironj village, district Vidisha in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This is the first such CRS set up by an NGO in India for community development.

What we deliver

Broadcast from ISAP Community Radio Stations covers whole gamut of farm-specific useful information, social issues of the community, important announcement from the govt departments, information on various schemes of Banks/ or other govt departments etc. Broadcast from ISAP Kisan Vani majorly covers – Agriculture Information – Cultural Program (educational folk songs/drama/Play etc.), – Market Information (Mandi prices etc) – Weather – Health programs – Education programs – Debates on Social issues local cultural programs – Information on govt schemes/ subsidies. – Other useful information Types of Programs Agri News happenings in MP and in other states of country or abroad Mandi Bhav (one-day old) Min & Max for Sironj. Includes food-grains, oilseeds & other popular items.Folk Song(Educational) / Drama (Social & Educational) / biography of public interest/ live play or light talk Farmers’ choice (phone-in, farmer talk, farmer goshti, topic of interest to be obtained on line by contact in mandi and on phone) Interview with personality of the day (agriculture / medical / administration / visitor / public figure Bachchon / mahilayon ke liye health, food, kitchen items, field activities, gharelu jaanwar, health Horticulture / animal sciences / fish culture / Special feature/ Special occasions like independence day, world literacy day, world tuberculosis day, teachers’ day, etc. Farmer and community benefit schemes and programs in the state supported by government or commercial companies mostly in M P or otherwise elsewhere.

Whom we deliver

The local community is benefitted with ISAP Kisan Vani services. The broadcast from ISAP Kisan Vani covers the entire gamut of information typically required by farmers such as advisories on plantprotection, irrigation, Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), market prices of agricultural commodities, market linkages, credit and finance, bank schemes, etc. In addition, it also broadcasts programs covering health, education and social issues.

How is the project unique?

ISAP had been working in project area for last many years. It had been carrying out farm extension activities in this region for long. Before inception of CRS project, it was reaching out to farmers through extension agents. ISAP is the only not-for-profit agency started using Community Radio Station as an extension tool to reach out to farmers. CRS helps in reaching out and disseminating information to a larger base of farmers at a given time, which was not possible through field agents. Further, ISAP KCC experts at Bhopal help in addressing farm-specific queries asked by farmers at CRS through phone-in program. This combo of active and effective advisory services using KCC and CRS by a not-for-profit agency to farmers is unique.


We feel that this is a good model for replication and should be promoted across the length & breadth of India, across different work-spheres. In line, ISAP is engaged in popularizing this concept and helping out in grounding of many such community radio stations in different geographical locations currently in India. CRS seems to be a most effective tool for bridging urban-rural digital divide in this information age. ISAP also has been approached by other organizations for replicating this overseas Ãwherein the geographies and challenges are similar.


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