Issue of smart card based driving licenses, registration certificates and other managerial functions

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SMS-based M-Governance services is a m governance model implemented at Department of Transport – Government of Madhya Pradesh, Union of India with four levels of service delivery: Notification, Pull-based Information, Communication and Transaction levels. The model classifies the SMS-based e-government systems and the levels based on the complexity of the system and the benefits received by citizens; the higher the level the more complex the system and the more benefits received by citizens The Major Characteristics of the m-governance (SMS medium) are ; • easy to use, • cost effective • an anywhere anytime communication channel • high penetration • excessive in infrastructure. By these characteristics, We have achieved following ; • Improved communication with the citizens, • Reach more people, • Easier, greater access, convenient and flexible services • Faster services, to improve effectiveness of the communication by reaching the correct citizen personally. The major benefits of M-governance are ; – Reducing time and cost; – Cheaper, easier and fast information-accessing channel – Improving transparency, accountability, communication, and relationship between government and citizens – Making the services and procedures easier for the citizens; improving the Transport Department’s image – Engaging more people – The project would follow 4 level service delivery model: 1. Notification Level: In this level, SMS-based e-government system enables one-way communication from Transport Department to citizens. The department is able to notify citizens about their personal information and to broadcast important public information. This model classifies these applications as Notification level. Services in this level use Push-based mechanism, which sends the messages to citizens activated by data on the server, not by a user’s request. Notifications are being sent to people regarding § Learner’s License status – Driving License conversion. § DL status – Renewal § RC status – Insurance (1st Year) § Permit Status & renewal reminders § Tax Status & submission reminders § Fitness certificate renewal reminders 2. Pull Based Information Level M- Governance system also provides two-way communication that enables citizens to access public or personal information by sending a request-message. The system would allow the citizen to access the details regarding its profile (vehicle / personal). § Vehicle details § Owner details / History § Permit details § Tax details § Hypothecation details § Fitness details § Number of challans details § Any other info related to the profile 3. Communication Level: This Level can be used as one way or two way communication between citizen and department. In one way communication, the communication would go to the citizens at large or of a particular area or conforming to a particular criterion. § Change in Law / Rules § Change in Tax § Info about Traffic Safety week § Any Public calamity info This level can also be used as two-way communication between government and citizens in which the people can inquire, complain or report about anything (without worrying about the text format) and get responses/replies immediately. 4. Transaction Level: This level is used for providing information about the completed transaction with the department like any payment for tax, fee, permit etc.

 What we deliver

The initiative is to provide information to the citizen by SMS. The target group comprises of • Learners license applicant • Driving License applicant • Private and Commercial vehicle owners • Enforcement department of Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh • Police and other enforcement agencies of Madhya Pradesh

 Whom we deliver

Department of Transport Madhya Pradesh and Citizens of Madhya Pradesh.

 Why is the project unique?

Usage and uniqueness of the project for citizen Citizens of India willing to purchase used vehicle registered with Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh of the vehicle can easily find out the full details and history of the vehicle. Usage and uniqueness of the project for Government agencies Police Department while chasing or locating a vehicle can get the details of the owner and vehicle by just sending the SMS and can easily track down the vehicle The service is being used by Enforcement Wing of transport department to check the net tax payable for the vehicle at any point of time helping the department in recovering the tax arrears.


Mobile is perhaps the most fascinating invention of the recent times. We have seen many meaningful usages of this invention and hope to see many more. There can be a time where the mobiles would be increasing used to reach out for information not just constrained to contacts and services but avenues and opportunities. Connecting people with one caliber to the right opportunity thereby ensuring higher incomes and comforts for all. We envisage an era where mobile information shall be used to eradicate crime and ensure a society free of threats and apprehensions.


Mr. Rajeev Sharma / Mr.S.S.Lal (IPS)

Office of the Transport Commissioner, Moti Mahal

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India



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