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IVR is the most demanded value added service for global people. Since the communication means is VOICE, IVR is more comfortable, communicative and explanatory to the users creating a better understanding communication. It is easier to operate and more dependable to the users. Through IVR we can make people maximum participants where they feel more interested to express themselves. From the statistics it is clearly observed that IVR system ensures higher response where people like to act voluntarily. IVR can explore huge business scope for different TV channels through different news programs where viewers participation will be facilitate in a form of Opinion, Question, Vote, Comments as it requires for the program. With this vision in mind, Software Shop Limited facilitated an IVR platform to provide IVR news services to the mobile users. We tagged with the prominent TV channels and formed an IVR team. The innovation that we brought is that any user of any mobile operator can access this news as we have connectivity with all the operators in Bangladesh. we were the first to bring on board the prominent TV channels for this modern news service.

What we deliver?

We deliver latest news from different prominent TV channels through different short codes. The TV channels are: 1.ATN Bangla-2010 2.ETV-2021 3.RTV-4141 4.Channel i-2626 5.Banglanews24-5959

Why is the project unique?

We are also developing other IVR based services for different operators where the user will be able to access other information like travel information, educational information etc.


Software Shop Limited (SSL Wireless)
Jubaer Hossain
Dhaka Bangladesh

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