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Description is a global Bhojpuri community committed to stand together for betterment of Bhojpuri. One can share his thoughts and raise his voice… This is first of it’s kind social network for Bhojpuri speaking people, which given them an opportunity to show-up their talent, to fellow Bhojpurias. The website is also unique, as it maintains strict discipline online, and treats everyone equally, irrespective of his gender, caste, or religion. All the mischievous activities are logged, and those members are suspended immediately.

What do we deliver

Quality content and write Q ups/articles they need. We also provide them help discussing their local/personal issues with fellow Bhojpuris. Within one year, the website has emerged as number 1 platform for Bhojpuri speaking a person, which proves that we have been quite successful in our mission.

Why is the project unique?

There are many social networks in this country, but ours is unique, as it focuses a specific language and culture. Once you’ll join, you’ll learn that discussion on serious topics, that too without personal attacking remarks, and with full discipline makes this website different from others. We try to promote the best of our language and culture, rather than diverting on negative concepts.


There are thousands of writers in Bhojpuri, who generate content on regular basis, but till now there was no medium for them to show-up their talent. They used to write in books/magazines, but there were very few readers. By the help of ICT, they can post their articles in the morning, and by afternoon, they have 15-20 direct comments on their blog, which encourages them to write continuously. Since the website is free, and you are directly in touch with the audience, this medium gives them a moral boost. One of the Poets, who is our member, clearly accepted at our Anniversary function that earlier, a few of his articles used to get rejected by newspapers, and even though a few of them was published, it was not possible to know, what readers think about the same. Ever since, he started writing online (at, he is directly in touch with the readers, who also advise him on topic selection etc. This could be huge input for any creative person. ICT could definitely change the way content is developed in this country.


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