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Launched in February, 2009 by the Delhi Government, Jeevan is the name of a project that envisages delivering essential government services to Delhi’s citizens in an efficient, convenient and transparent manner. To facilitate such interaction, the GNCTD intends to provide all services through a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ concept with ‘Any-Time-Any-Where’ facility. The initiative includes basically two components: designing of a comprehensive service portal and development of Citizen Service Centers. The Jeevan website would be an informative, interactive and integrated service delivery channel for all the Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Citizens (G2C) services of the State administration and its constituent departments. 520 Jeevan centers will be set up across Delhi as the primary point of contact for the citizens.

 What we deliver

Convenience in payment of regular bills/Govt. dues and taxes, issuance of certificates by corporations of Delhi Govt. i.e. birth certificate, cast certificate, death certificate etc.

 Whom we deliver

JEEVAN centers initiative includes the following delivery components: • Online Portal – – Bringing BSES, DJB, MTNL and NDPL bill payments service online, free of cost, on a single platform. Source of information on various other services and center location. Soon citizens would be able to avail host of services from their home through the online portal. Citizen can provide basic information and get registered themselves on JEEVAN and start making the bill payments by debit / credit cards. • Citizen Service Centers (JEEVAN Centers) across Delhi – The Business Process Reengineering study revealed that a good mix of offline and online delivery methods have helped to improve the government to citizen interaction and delivery of services. To service the common man government has started over 520 CSCs across Delhi, virtually servicing citizens in their neighborhoods. Several services require physical documents to be attached with the applications, in such scenario the CSCs become instrumental and act as a Single platform for such services like Application and Employment services. Center operators help the citizens to provide all information regarding the service, required documents, process the applications online and provide the receipts. • Call center @ 1800 200 2039 – A central toll free number for citizens to get information pertaining to the services and center locations, working round the clock.

 Why is the project unique?

It’s a first of its kind initiative by the GNCTD in the service of the citizens. The uniqueness can be defined by discussing the challenges we have faced to bring the project Live. The vision of bringing over 80 govt. services on a single delivery platform connected through a centralized database and setting up of over 520 JEEVAN centers to facilitate the interaction / delivery mechanism was itself a task cut out for the government and stakeholders. JEEVAN responded with innovative approach to the specific challenges and won departments & citizen’s confidence: • Integration of the different G2C Service with JEEVAN: Looking at the level of process automation in individual department, the integration with JEEVAN is decided. Thus the modes of delivery become complete online, combination of online & offline. • Departments working on a different platform cause serious challenges in integration. It was also found that Offices within a department were working on different platforms. Application developed were not centralized and thus serving only the internal requirements. The applications were not capable of interacting with other applications. To overcome, JEEVAN integrated different services based on the possible integration options available. Integration using Web services, Data push and pull through scheduler are a few strategies adopted for the integration. This minimized the manual intervention to a great extent. • Key functions of the departments were not automated: To address the issue JEEVAN has gone to the extent of developing a delivery process for the department on JEEVAN portal. An access to the department is given for all approval / forwarding related activities and also to generate any kind of MIS as per their requirement. • Resistance from Government offices in some cases becomes a real challenge in delivering services. Alignment of process with existing process of delivery, discussions at different levels, training sessions and handholding resolved a lot of such issues. Now the government is directly and physically connected with the residents of Delhi through this project. It has realized the dream of accessible governance for all. We have created opportunities for the employment by extending JEEVAN franchisee ships to the citizens in minimal investment, we have even extended free of cost franchisees to the Physically Abled and NGOs for Women under a special time-bound scheme. JEEVAN franchisees, with existing businesses, are double benefitted with the additional footfalls for JEEVAN services. It is helping them to grow their conventional business. Through our services, we are also contributing our bit to save the environment. For instance, by having a JEEVAN Center close to citizen’s place, we save cost on travel, which in turn means saving oil and gas bills and that further results in less congestion on roads. Overall, the ease of our services also contributes to the citizen’s health benefit as citizen are less stressed and have time to indulge with their family and travel for pleasure. We would capitalize on this Green Advantage and keep communicating and teaching citizens on the benefits of JEEVAN Centers towards the environment and community. The innovation is involved at every step and every challenge turns out to be a unique opportunity for us.


We have always felt that the Information & Communication technology is a key ingredient in developing agile infrastructure, interactive real time platforms serving million populations every day and building a digital face of an economy. The content digitalization is a primary step and delivery is the final, while the road to delivery would involve several sub-processes. ICT would not only create new panoramas for human-technology interactions to design these processes but also empower to capitalize and lead. For a citizen it would not be just about availing a particular service, it would be technology “bringing convenience and happiness in its day to day life” In the case of JEEVAN we move ahead with the similar approach. The strategy, communication and vision have been channeled to create experienced technical, delivery and business teams. They make the service integration process smoother and matured with the various government departments. The government departments were primarily reluctant or not capable for service integrations but the approach of the core team created the trust and made them confident of the project. This transformed into a healthy and acceptable digital culture in the government departments and simultaneously the core team also learnt about the culture, challenges and practical functioning of the departments / companies. They collectively built the successful e-governance model – JEEVAN. It resulted in the following developments, which would be applicable for other consumer, business, governance, department centric projects in times to come • Increased awareness about the e-governance and working of G2C services • Increased awareness about the use of ICT to bring in the conversion into the lives of common man • Creation of IT Master plan by the partner government departments • Digitalization of Service and Customer records • Building of internal ICT Capacity to address the present and future needs of good governance • Bridging the Gap between government services and common men’s reach and ease of availing it; service and convenience in their neighborhood.






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