Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) – An mGov initiative for Redressing Public Grievances

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The JJSK is basically an attempt to provide an efficient, responsive, platform for handling public grievances. It is based on Service Oriented Architecture and seeks to increase transparency in grievance redressal procedures, increase the efficiency of existing office staff, accelerate the response time and facilitate anywhere-anytime services to the common citizen. It also aims to provide services in a professional and citizen friendly environment by * Saving precious time, cost & labour of people visiting Officers/ office time and again for getting information, lodging complaints & inquiring their status etc. * Reducing the response time of the concerned department and increase in their accountability and efficiency. * Streamlining the functioning of office using the latest tools available with Information & Communication Technology like SMS and internet. * Reduce duplication of efforts, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of manpower at the office setup. * Ensuring constant and effective communication throughout the process of disposal of grievance. Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra(JJSK) aims to ensure a secured platform for contact less, quick, responsive, cost-time-labour saving, made for all, easily accessible 24X7 service for speedy and qualitative disposal of public grievances and to ensure that the public services are delivered at the customer/aggrieved person’s door step, thus restoring pubic faith in government delivery system and also simultaneously encouraging the paperless communication and bridging the digital divide prevailing among urban/rural mass, rich and poor, have and have-nots.

 What we deliver

• Handle unresolved grievances – when a member of the public claims to have suffered injustice or hardship as a result of maladministration or service failure • Promote good administrative practice – scientific grievance handling and timely effective disposal of public grievances grievances • Contribute to improvement in the delivery of public services (drinking water, electricity, hygiene/ sanitation, Food & Civil Supplies, Social sector schemes and above all public safety & security) • Keeping in constant touch with the aggrieved person for quality disposal • Bridging various kinds of digital divide • Bridging the administrative divide existing between Govt. department & citizen • At the end we deliver SATISFACTION to the customer/target group. It is very effective in removing the corrupt practices of middle-man and also false reporting of disposal by the Government officers.

 Whom we deliver

• JJSK service covers a whole geographical boundaries of the district for redressal of grievances (Area of 5024 Sq.Km. The estimated population of Jhansi district is about 2.5 million). • Unlimited geographical coverage for national level for Call/ SMS/ Internet. • Government of U.P. with its decision on 18thAug’2010 and their G.O. dated 7th Sept’2010 has ordered for replication of this model in all rest 71 districts of U.P. and already 18 districts have implemented the project. • In addition to the above successful replication of JJSK at Ø Election Commission of India (ECI), New Delhi Ø U.P. Housing Development Board (UPHDB), Lucknow Ø U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL), Lucknow Ø Board of Revenue (BOR) U.P., Lucknow Beneficiary of the Project : The services of JJSK till date have benefited around 35000 aggrieved persons/ families by disposing their grievances qualitatively in time at their doorstep and has improved standard of living of common man by bringing in qualitative improvement in delivery of Govt. schemes/ services(drinking water, electricity, hygiene/ sanitation, Food & Civil Supplies, etc). The total estimated people of district Jhansi is about 25 lakhs (2010 tentative figures). The benefits of JJSK can be availed by all of them.

Why is the project unique?

Definitely JJSK represents a completely new approach in the arena of public grievance redressal as it is mobile/land line phone based system (now a days almost each and every person or his relative or his neighbor has mobile or land line phone connection) so that a citizen without wasting his time to approach the concerned Government official can register his grievance through his/any mobile or land line phone from anywhere in the district and at anytime and also gets the quick and effective response/disposal for his grievance registered. The innovation was very much needed in the present scenario wherein an aggrieved citizen has to travel from his base location to either to Block headquarters, Tahsil headquarters, District headquarters to meet the concerned officer/staff to register his grievance or to give his application for disposal. This is time consuming, costly, cumbersome and exploitative process and the monitoring and disposal is also very tedious and ineffective and also the concerned citizen is hardly intimated regarding the disposal status of his grievance. JJSK by providing quick, easy, accessible (registering grievances through the mobile and land line phone), free of cost services, responsive, quick action and effective tracking of the grievances, keeping constant touch with the concerned citizen and intimating the citizen (on his mobile or land line phone) has successfully revolutionised the whole system of public grievance redressal system in the District Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. JJSK was selected and recommended by the U.P. Govt for the Prime Minister Award for excellence in the Public Administration for the year 2010. Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra, Jhansi has been awarded with prestigious ‘NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2010’ by NASSCOM foundation under “ICT led innovation in e-Governance” category in recognition of passion and commitment for e-governance and for aiming for the highest standard of excellence to help bring the government closer to the citizen. Applauding the excellent effort made towards e-Governance in the country, District Jhansi has been awarded ‘CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award 2009-2010 Award of Excellence’ under District category.


Our vision for developed India is to ensure a secured platform for contact less, quick, responsive, cost-time-labour saving, made for all, accessible 24X7 and to ensure the speedy and qualitative disposal of public grievance and to enure that the public services are delivered at the customer/aggrieved person door step and to restore pubic faith in government delivery system. Thus encouraging the paperless communication and bridging the digital divide prevailing among urban/rural mass, rich and poor, have and have-nots of India. The JJSK has effectively utilised the potential benefits of telephone/mobile (active calls and SMS) based ICT for bridging the digital divide, ensuring qualitative, quick and responsive delivery system at door step and to provide all possible sort of convenience to the concerned citizen/aggrieved person. The JJSK by providing round the clock, free of cost, easily accessible, responsive, user friendly, cost effective and time saving platform for public grievance redressal system. Thus effective use of commonly available ICT tools has created a conducive environment for quick, speedy, qualitative and effective service delivery system and also to ensure that all kinds of development/services/schemes reaches to the needy in a best possible way. Thus ensuring all round satisfaction of the concerned citizen. JJSK’S Attitude to Grievances “Grievances are jewels to be treasured” Ultimate Objective of JJSK To strengthen the concept of Good Governance by Restoring Public Faith & Reliability in the Administrative Setup through Effective use of Commonly Available ICT tools.


Raj Shekhar, District Magistrate(DM), Moradabad & Founder of JJSK Project

Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra(JJSK), Jhansi

D.M. Residence, Moradabad

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India



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