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KANNAGIPURA/M, YATV radio drama in Sinhala and Tamil, is broadcast on the national radio SLBC and all its 11 regional stations simultaneously. The overall goal of the project is to support co-existence and reconciliation, and contribute to prevent conflict through a media intervention. It consists of fifteen minute episodes in each language. Two episodes of each language series are broadcast weekly. It is targeted at Sinhala and Tamil speaking audiences, and targets a Diaspora audience through an on-line audio portal. The radio drama episodes are entertaining and action and solution oriented, leading listeners to shape their own decisions on how to respond to conflicts in the same way that the characters in the drama do. The storyline is based on the premise that understanding between different cultures and interaction between different ethnic groups enhance inter-ethnic relationships and help dispel suspicion and hatred. The radio drama runs in parallel with a youth outreach project with local communities. The objective is to facilitate the direct involvement of young people from across the country to provide a platform for their voices which will contribute to the national dialogue. There are currently 60 listener groups in 20 districts of the country.

What we deliver

Target Group YA TV engages the different ethnic groups who speak different languages in peace building, conflict resolution and reconciliation in its radio drama series. It also contributes towards finding solutions for timely issues, while providing entertainment to youth in Sri Lanka. The project is complemented by a training component to build skills and capacity among regional youth to produce radio drama for social change.

Whom we deliver

Rural youth between the age of 19 29 Secondary audiences parents, family Diaspora audiences

How is the project unique?

This is first project in radio since the objective was to reach audiences across the country encompassing all ethnic groups. Some radio and tv stations do not have such a wide reach, except for the state media, and therefore YATV partnered with SLBC and its regional channels. Though there are some radio programs which raise issues related to peace and reconciliation, KANNAGIPURA/M is unique due to multiple reasons. An uninterrupted 15 minute broadcast. On air simultaneously in Sinhala and Tamil. Can be accessed on the web. A training component to build skills and capacity among regional youth to produce radio drama for social change. Focus Group Discussions and Regional Listener Groups give continuous feedback, generating pertinent content for the program. Weekly competitions and listener feedback by SMS.


Change is most often a long-term effort and process. Thus while the programme is seen to have the potential to create positive change in people opinions and actions, it requires an extended effort. YA TV hopes it will be able to continue with the programme, complemented by a training component to build skills and capacity among regional youth to produce radio drama for social change. This will include a three month training in script writing and radio production for 8 regional producers. In the face of changing technology, the media sector is shifting more towards web based productions. In this light, YA TV goes global in uploading all its programming, video and audio, online. The web portal allows audiences to interact with us, which is a valuable contribution to maintaining interest and relevance, and increasing its audience base. This not only is a driving force for sustainability, but also is a trail blazer in initiating activities addressing pertinent issues. YA TV long term vision for Kannagipura/m is to continue broadcasts, which will contribute towards development and sustainable peace in Sri Lanka.


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