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Kerala tourism’s new campaign was targeting experience seekers. Extensive research revealed that “something” happens to the travelers visiting Kerala – something that alters their mind space. For some the trigger is the relaxed pace of the destination and for some it is “openness and warmth”. The new campaign is all about this trigger – this moment and the campaign theme is “your moment is waiting”

 What we deliver

There are multiple options which are basically lean back which are passive and don’t prompt a call to action. We used a lean forward active format which helped us in reaching out to the right audience in the right time in the right environment, which resulted in the brand communication getting viewed as content and resulted in the audience engaging with the communication and sharing it with their friends, family.

 Whom we deliver

The communication was a pull based mechanism, which means only users who were interested could view it. This meant we made the “consumer the hero” and gave them a choice of interacting with the communication rather than doing a mass media approach of pushing the communication to the audience where they don’t have a choice. Integration rate was double the industry average.

Why is the project unique?

Innovation was in multiple stages. In the format used, which ensured that we had 100% SOV. The environment used fitted brilliantly with the brand communication. The creative used gave the users the choice of viewing the communication, instead of forcing them.


Digital content has a great future as the rate of growth is tremendous and it can achieve results in short term, subject to following the prescribed guidelines. Brands are learning to use”content” and there is an emerging area called “branded content” which is becoming big globally and in India. ICT tools can fuel this growth further and with more advancement, in technology the days are not far, where brand communications would be less “pushy” and would be more about “creating experiences”



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