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Krishi Vigyan Kendra Babhaleshwar Taluka-Rahata Dt Ahmednagar has established the KVK Pravara Community Radio Station in service of local community on 01 October 2009. The broadcast coverage area of the radio station is 25 to 30 km area serving a population of 8.56 lakh in 242 villages in and around the Krishi Vigyan Kendra campus. The radio station is dedicated to the local community comprising farmers, rural youth and farm women providing customized information in an innovative format with daily broadcast of 4 hours with half of the broadcast time for rural community and development while the remaining is devoted to agriculture and farming community. The broadcast methodology is so designed as to incorporate maximum local community participation truly emphasizing the spirit of radio for the community, by the community and of the community. With the radio jockeys involved in programme production chosen from the local community without any emphasis for educational qualification, the programmes are locally designed and produced among local community. The broadcast formats include local events, success stories of farmers, entrepreneurs, debates, talks and songs to reflect cultural aspirations of the community.

What we deliver

All categories of the community are the beneficiaries of the Community Radio Programme. While designing the weekly programmes of the CRS farming community was major focus for which 50 per cent programmes broadcasting is being done for the community, health, education, culture and rural development are also important issues. All the issues are related with small child to old person i.e. all categories of the community are being covered in the programme. Due to which the beneficiaries are of various categories of the community

Whom we deliver

The radio programmes are being heard by local community comprising farmers, students, farm women, labourers, traders,entrepreneurs etc.

How is the project unique?

KVK is working on use of various ICT tools in agriculture since 1999. IT centers in villages, video conferencing with KVK scientists from villages, on line query system, disease forecasting center, weather and market information and many more services are being provided through ICT. Similarly KVK initiated mobile SMS system on 10th March 2006. KVK has also developed the network of Farmers Club and Women SHGs to whom this information flow through these different ICT tools. Though these ICT tools are found effective, but outreach is very limited as it is not being access by common man, small and marginal farmers. To target this population, KVK thought to start Radio Station so that the information and knowledge availability with KVK will reach to the needy people. This concept came in mind during 2007. KVK submitted proposal on 19th September 2008 and received the wireless operation license on 20th May 2009. Trial broadcasting started in the month of July 2009. Regular broadcasting of KVK CRS started on 1st October 2009. The success of the CRS depends on involvement and active participation of the local community. Therefore, it was decided that the programme production and broadcasting will be done by the local people as they are well aware of the problems, issues, needs as well as culture of that particular area. During the period of development of infrastructure and facilities, KVK designed and conducted 15 days durational training programme to develop the local youths. During 4th May to 19th May 2009, 41 youths from the six tehsils of the district participated in the training, from which 8 youths were selected for the CRS. They are working as CRS representatives as free lenses basis. Each representative is given 20 to 30 villages for programme production as well as revenue generation. The rates for each type of programmes is fixed, based on which they are getting monthly honorarium. Similarly they are also getting commission on the revenue generated through advertisement. Monthly meeting is conducted for programme scheduling in which detailed discussion and review is being done on broadcasted programmes as well as future programme production. This is also very interactive discussion through which different issues, concepts, feedback as well as suggestions are being received from the community. Based on the experience and the knowledge of the CRS representatives, some special programme production is being given to them. These representatives are always giving some innovative programmes.


Knowledge is the power which should be used for development of the community. In rural area agriculture is the backbone which will not be strengthened without support of health, education and culture. For integrated development of the rural area, there is need to use different channel of communication. Radio is the strong channel which is being during last two decades. It is proposed to strengthen the activity of CRS. It is also proposed to develop the database of the important recorded programme. KVK has brought some audio CDs of CRS programmes which are appreciated by the listeners. KVK is working for the district and the average radius of the district ranges from 100 to 150 km. The agriculture technology of the district is common. KVK is making request to expand the outreach of the CRS so that population of the district can be covered due to important programmes. Similarly it is proposed to start some videopro-duction in the studio. This video production will be kept on KVK website. It is planned to network the CRS in the state and some important programmes will be shared among the CRS.


Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar Taluka-Rahata Dt-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Dr. Bhaskar Gaikwad , Chief Scientist
Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar Taluka-Rahata Dt-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
PIN-413 737
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