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Lipikaar is a method to enable typing in 16 languages with an ordinary keyboard for the PC and on the Internet. Languages supported include Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Kashmiri, Konkani, Sindhi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu, Arabic. The typing method is intuitive and effortless to learn and is as close as possible to writing in a regional language. The method encourages the user to think in his or her language when typing. In order to use Lipikaar, you do not require fluency in English. It was designed with an average regional user in mind. The typing method is unambiguous and efficient, making it very easy and enjoyable to type out stories, articles and documents in your chosen language. Lipikaar is currently available for the Microsoft Windows Desktop and all Windows Applications, Mozilla Firefox browser and for use with Internet or web applications. Lipikaar is also available in an embedded or hardware form allowing you to use the ordinary keyboard for regional languages with various hardware products. You can try typing with Lipikaar by visiting

What we deliver

On the desktop, Lipikaar unlocks the potential of the PC for use with regional languages. Lipikaar’s desktop edition works seamlessly with all Windows-compatible applications and text editor. Users of the desktop edition include scriptwriters, publishers, writers, journalists and artists. On the Internet, Lipikaar offers the possibility of professional & user generated content, communication and other applications in regional languages. Lipikaar also serves as a key component in Enterprise applications, remote banking, and financial services.

 Whom we deliver

The solution is an ideal fit for those who require interaction in regional languages digitally, since it provides a simple and unambiguous approach.

Why is the project unique?

In the past, similar solutions have been aimed at the predominantly English-speaking audience. By design, Lipikaar makes no such assumption about the user who finds it very simple to type with Lipikaar, with no learning. Previous typing methods required the users to put special stickers on the keyboard, use clumsy key stroke combinations, learn key mappings, or were heavily biased towards getting the right phonetic English spelling. Lipikaar overcomes all these drawbacks. Lipikaar has been patented (WO/2006/117798).


Content is predominantly multi-lingual across offline mediums such as print, radio, TV, mobile (voice). Today India has 22 Official languages, 2000 Identified dialects, 175 Regional TV channels, 8000 Regional publications, 300 Million middle class with basic education and 30 Million PC/Internet users. Our vision is to make content, expression and communication compelling across Digital mediums – Web, Mobile Data, and PC Desktop so the 300 Million people who know at least one language, can find it useful and compelling to bring technology into their lives. Every Indian with a basic primary school education should be able to leverage ICT without barriers.


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