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Lukup is a software platform that enables the creation and delivery of interactive content on digital television. TV is accessible to more homes in India than broadband internet. Lukup allows any home with a DTH or digital cable connection to access interactive content on demand even if that home does not have an internet connection. It is therefore ideal for use as a platform to not only serve news and entertainment, but also for use in delivering content and information on healthcare, education, employment, travel, etc.

What do we deliver?

We will deliver branded content and advertisements using our platform. Branded content is interactive content that is produced in partnership with a partner (could be a TV channel or an independent producer) and delivered on TV channels we partner with (UTV, NDTV, etc). Advertisements are promotional content that we deliver on behalf of advertisers and media agencies. Branded content may relate to news, entertainment, education, healthcare, travel, lifestyle, etc, while advertisements will be for third party products and services.

Whom we deliver?

Today, content delivered by Lukup is available to 6.8 million homes (approx 28 million people) across India that subscribe to Airtel DTH. We expect to scale and reach 30 million homes (approximately 140 million people) by December 2011.

How is the project unique?

This project is unique in many ways 1. this is the first time interactive services are being made capable of delivery on TV channels which means even homes without an internet connection can access interactive content 2. the service is available across TV operators. While operators such as TataSky has had interactive ‘Active’ services for some years, Lukup can deliver services across operators. We have launched on Airtel but are in the process of launching it on DishTV, Reliance and TataSky. This has been made possible with technology innovation that makes Lukup compatible with multiple broadcast systems.


Lukup’s roadmap is the introduction of hybrid services which will combine content delivery using internet and TV technologies using a single device in homes. Today, people pay for broadband internet, telephone and TV separately and that will change in the future with these services being bundled and delivered using a single device in a home. That will allow us to bring digital content and information to every home that can afford atleast a TV, if not a PC. A TV can be used to access and consume content and information delivered by a hybrid platform Lukup will introduce. That will also mean a huge opportunity for digital inclusion of the underprivileged.


Lukup Media Private Limited
Kallol Borah
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