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The main objective of the ICT application in the department is to systematically organize planning implementation and monitoring of forestry and other related operations by systemic collection, storage and retrieval of MIS and Geo-spatial data through a computer based communication network. MPFD is executing its technology initiatives in an integrated manner where in all its key functions are being carried out through web based workflows which facilitate each role player to log on to the departmental portal and enter his work/data/information and which also facilitates every employee to remain in constant touch with the latest happenings in the department. This working methodology has not only brought transparency, responsibility & accountability but has also brought efficiency. In order to bring about the effects as mentioned above the following features were essentially required: • Development of applications • Procurement of Data Collection Devices • Creation of a Server Farm • Development of computer based communication network and • Sharpening the ICT skills of the manpower Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has taken many Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives since 2007 for effective protection and management of Forests & Wildlife in the state. Several applications have been developed by integration of various technologies viz, Space Technology, GIS, Mobile Computing, Communication Technology etc. in-house and successfully implemented in field. All the applications are web & workflow based for management & monitoring. The Fire Alert And Messaging System (FAMS) uses Remote Sensing Data of active fire locations which are within administrative units of the forest department. SMS are sent to concerned field staff for immediate field action to extinguish fires and send feedbacks through web. Wildlife Management System (WMS) monitors all the protected areas with respect to habitat status and population variance of various Wildlife. It is also helpful in keeping a close watch on patrol camp and their parties. This System helps the user to capture wildlife sighting data electronically through Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) including geo-coordinates. A departmental datacenter has been established at Forest Headquarters, Bhopal. Large quantity of transactions are committed daily on this datacenter and a huge database of MIS and Geo-spatial data has been created. The datacenter has been protected by world class Unified Threat Management System and Continuous Data Protection System. Forest network has been developed for speedy transfer of data in all forms by establishing Virtual Private Network covering all the districts of Madhya Pradesh & Range Offices at Block/Tehsil level. All the maps of forest areas have been digitized and the geo-spatial data is stored in centralized GIS Server. The digitized data are published on web using GIS Map Services. A geo-spatial query system is being developed for querying this data for facilitating effective management of forests & wildlife. The Department is using GPS enabled PDAs to capture real time data with geo-spatial details. Department is also successfully implementing HRD programs through ISRO EduSat Services by establishing EduSat Studio at Bhopal and 52 Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs) distributed throughout the state. MPFD is providing technical services to other States like Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. MPFD has used free resources of various National & International agencies like NIC, ISRO, NRSC, University of Marryland (USA), Google Maps etc. thereby making the project cost effective. MPFD has clearly emerged as pioneer & leader in developing and implementing ICT applications for use in protection and management of forests and wildlife. The ICT application model developed by the MPFD has great potential for replication in other States.

What we deliver?

The target groups can basically be divided in three namely 1. Forest Field Staff 2. Middle level Managers. 3. Policy Makers. 4. Media & Press. 5. Public. The content and service delivery to these target groups is as follows: 1. Forest Field Staff : Ease in reporting, saving of time, On the spot data entry, electronically tagged follow-up, increase in efficiency, better access to data and better understanding of their works and responsibilities. Training in use of modern technology even in remote areas. 2. Middle Level Managers: Quick on the desk access to live data, better tools for objective and informed decision making, electronically tagged follow-up, quicker data updation and analysis. 3. Policy Makers: Holistic view of live data at finger tips on live dash boards, on the fly reporting, comprehensive access to structured data base for in-depth analysis. 4. Public: Training in use of modern technology in remote areas, products like digital maps, free access to data on web. 5. Media & Press: Live data availability with dynamic web content with structured presentation.

Why is the project unique?

Integration of various technologies The practices are based on various technologies and being a fine example of integration of various technologies. A short detail of used technologies are given below – • Space Technology • GIS • Mobile Computing • Communication Technology • Satellites based education & training (EDUSAT) • Centralized Server based processing Web-based Workflows for management/monitoring Department activities are reformed in shape of workflow automation. Most of the practices are based on web based workflows. It brings about accountability, transparency and efficiency of individuals for management and monitoring. Unified Threat Management System (UTM) for Security Unified threat management system (UTM) has been installed in The State data enter at Forest Headquarter. It provides protection Against threat like hacking, port scanning, Viruses, junk emailing etc. Establishment of Virtual Private Network up to Range office (block level) Forest network has been established by developing 2Mbps connectivity of district headquarter and connecting it to state data center at Forest Headquarters. The district headquarter further connected to the range headquarters usually located at Block / Tehsil level by developing Virtual Private Network of Broadband connectivity. Some of the range headquarters where Broadband connectivity not available is being connected by RF based wireless technology. Digitization of forest area maps All the maps of forest areas have been digitized and the geo-spatial data is stored in centralized GIS Server. The digitized data are published on web using GIS Map Services. A geo-spatial query system is being developed for querying this data for facilitating effective management of forests & wildlife. Centralized repository of data A centralized common database has been developed at state level regarding various forestry, wildlife & human resources. Centralized database for various administrative units right from State to Beat level is available. Also the centralized geo-spatial data is being created using digital maps. Use of GPS enabled PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) GPS enabled PDAs are used in field for capturing real time data with geo-spatial details for implementation of various forestry works. This data is processed for analyzing and monitoring various forestry works at different level. Single sign-on for accessing multiple services. Single sign-on concept is being implemented for accessing various services hosted on central server. It eliminates inconsistency of user authentication & authorization system for implementation of different applications. Simplicity All the applications are user-friendly. Applications are developed in such a manner that the processes are automated and handled by click of mouse. Input forms of all the applications are in Hindi for easy comprehension by the staff. Cost Savings Applications are designed, developed, implemented & maintained by in-house capacity. The existing infrastructure & resources are used in development & implementation of various applications. The data center is also established in department premises. In procurement of different software / tools and services are either used free of cost or at minimal basis.


Anil Oberoi
Madhya Pradesh Forest Department
O/o APCCF (IT), Basement Wing-D, Satpuda Bhawan Bhopal (M.P.) – 462003, India.
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