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Make Me Healthy is a Health Risk Assessment and Disease Management Service for Masses to create awareness against Silent Killer Chronic Diseases like Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Obesity and Respiratory Ailments. Set-up in 2008 and operational in mid-2009, this is a one of its kind venture in India where Health Risk Assessment and Disease Management Services are being provided at the doorsteps of the individuals. The risk assessment consists of a scientifically validated questionnaire covering personal health history, family health history, social habits and biometric screening covering vital parameters to give a comprehensive risk assessment and profile.

 What we deliver

Health Risk Profile, Customized diet Chart, Disease information, Fitness Regime, Health Guide

 Whom we deliver

The project is absolutely interactive and one-to-one. The appointment is set over the phone, technician visits the person at his home or office and the reports are discussed over the phone or physically.

 Why is the project unique?

To the best of our knowledge, no one is doing this in India the way we do it. The innovativeness is in delivering the point-of-care Health Risk Assessment unlike labs that draw blood and take it back for testing. The innovativeness is in the ease of service ordering and delivery in just 15 minutes. The innovativeness is in its comprehensiveness to provide not just the results of the biometric screening but also the Doctor’s advice, Nutritionist’s recommendations and Fitness expert’s opinion in one go. No traveling, no time-waste, comprehensive service.


Rajeish Moondraa

Truworth Health Technologies Pvt Ltd

Truworth House, 10, Dhuleshwar Garden, C-Scheme

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India



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