hSenid Mobile Cloud TAP (Telco Application Platform)

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hSenid Mobile Cloud TAP Mobile Application Eco-System, which enables the successful running of Etisalat AppZone, helps all of Etisalat subscribers, irrespective of phone type smart, feature or basic phones – to enjoy mobile apps pertaining to various facets of life – News, Sports, Business, Games, Health & much more. These apps can be easily discovered by subscribers via an App Store, again using any mobile phone through Web/Wap, USSD, multi-lingual IVR etc hence enabling the masses to enjoy their own App Store experience. Culminating the eco-system are the Mobile App Entrepreneurs who are provided a Developer Platform to seamlessly develop & market these apps that have reached out to the masses. These entrepreneurs have been nurtured out of university students, young aspiring businessmen & SMEs. They have been powered by the World 1st SDP run on a Public cloud – fully secured allowing 3rd party developers a convenient interface to develop apps using the Operator network assets.

What do we deliver?

Etisalat subscribers – – Apps that produce content & information that suits their lifestyle, day to day needs & specific purposes. All this to be experienced with any GSM enabled phone. – An App Store experience with any phone enhancing their mobile experience & helping them make the most out of Telecom services- rather than being restricted to merely voice calls & basic messaging. – Affordable usage & consumption of services: An App Store experience free of charge & Apps that suit their needs at a fraction of the price of traditional apps with flexible pricing options monthly subscription or per message transaction from which they could opt out at any point. Mobile App Developers – The Opportunity to effectively reach out to the masses by developing Mobile Apps & venturing into dynamic Mobile App Entrepreneurship – A Developer Friendly environment to achieve the above with an easy to use platform providing the interface for budding & expert software developers with varying programming expertise (from JAVA, .net, PHP to Python, Perl etc) to utilize the Mobile Operator network without any hassle of having to deal with network protocols or connectivity guided with tools, resources for smooth app development & development – & showcase on an App Store accessible by all. – Revenue & Recognition – 70% of the revenue from the App & much more in terms of recognition, technical & entrepreneurial skill nurturing & development. App venture opportunities with fellow peers of the growing developer community.

Whom we deliver?

Etisalat One of the leading Mobile Operators in Sri-Lanka The Entire subscriber base of Etisalat whatever type of handset they use. Mobile App Developers locally & internationally.

How is the project unique?

The 1st of its kind in South Asia. Uniqueness – Exposing Operator network capabilities for external developers to exploit easily through common APIs enabled by Web services helping them to focus on App Development alone ignoring network protocols etc Cloud Based Platform hosting for Operators Subscription based & On demand based revenue from subscribers – small recurring revenue streams amalgamating to one large pool.


hSenid Mobile’s Flagship mChoice Cloud TAP’s value proposition is directed to the emerging markets. Where there is scarcity of technology infrastructure and equipment, the Mobile can substitute and perform most of the Information Service related work. The platform creates an ideal landscape for a range of information based apps. or the so called “life Style Apps” for the developing nations to be available in mass scale via mobile operators reaching thousands of subscribers in a given country and region. Many developing nations are launching information management gateways or so called country portals where a range of information can be obtained and inserted via these mobile apps.


hSenid Mobile
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