MDYantra – Enabling Healthcare Omnipresence through Healthcare Ecosystem on Cloud

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MDYantra is an extraordinary healthcare collaboration platform as global healthcare ecosystem on clouds. This platform serves patient management source for healthcare providers and facilitates consumers (patients) for centralization of their medical records. Besides enabling patients to centralize their medical history, it provides direct and omnipresent access to prescriptions, reports, DICOMs and data to Doctors and patients alike and also integrates healthcare establishments to provide omnipresent healthcare service. This platform also co-locates healthcare providers & consumers beyond geographical limits and integrates healthcare establishments to enable seam-less patient-care. It will also help consumer to choose doctor right for them from axis of care amongst global doctors, thus enable healthcare omnipresence for masses. Envisioning growth of other catalyst and healthcare allied industries in India, MDYantra is designed to leverage usage scenarios by providing the initial innovation impetus and broadening market acquisition by leveraging industry growth. MDYantra is aimed at centralization of electronic medical records and made them accessible globally when needed by doctor for patient health problem diagnosis and bring revolution to global healthcare fraternity.

What we deliver?

MDOffice: – Individual Physician usage for multiple Practice location – Patient Appointment Management, Template based e-Prescription (ETP), Billing, Specialty Specific database, MIS, 3 Medical Center MDOffice: – Location can enable multiple physicians – Patient Appointment Management, Template based e-Prescription (ETP), Billing, Specialty Specific database, MIS e-Lab: – Channelization of referred patients from physicians for lab tests MDNetra-X: – Channelization of referred patients from physicians for Diagnostics Pharma-X: – Channelization of referred patients from physicians for medicines.

Whom we deliver?

Physicians Practice Management System, e-Prescription Medical Centers/ Hospitals – Patient Management System HealthCare establishments (Diagnostic Center/ Labs/ Pharmacies etc)- System HealthCare Consumer Centralization of medical records.

Why is the project unique?

Our Technology Innovations to build Healthcare Ecosystem on cloud: Framework: Darmiyan SOA 1/10th resource utilization of cloud computing applications Script: Indus Mark-up Language High (7 lyr ) security transactions @ high speed (sub-seconds) MRN (Unique ID), Genealogy, Communication & Scheduling Engine Global Language adaptable & Time Zone cognitive Architecture. Seamless Scalability, global Interoperability, inbuilt BCP & DRM Infrastructure. Service Components: DICOM windowing PACS on cloud (Tele-Radiology Solution) Template based prescription for Doctors Integration availability to any external system (HIS/ Labs / ACH/ RX).


ROADMAP AHEAD- 2011 | Q3 Strengthen Market Positioning | Marketing & Branding | STEP seed fund Develop Channel Partners | Business Funnels 2011 | Q4 Build Drug Study & interface for Pharmaceuticals Build Lab Component | Lab Integration with Interoperability 2012 | Q1 Series funding | Move office Location Strengthen Organization Team | Build Organization 2012 | Q2 Develop Channel Partners | Business Funnels Revenue from Vicinity Visibility BCP & DRM | Enable system in other Indian Languages || PHASE 2 2012 | Q3 Media penetration & Promotions Build Employee clinical Intelligence 2012 | Q4 Video communication | System in all International Languages Channel for transparent or blind charity in healthcare 2013 | Q1 Series funding | International business expansion 2013 | Q2 Flat world in global media || PHASE 3 Multiple data center (Across Geo)| RCM embedded EMR for Providers Kickoff Revenue from Target Marketing 2013 | Q3 Global Positioning / Branding | Cultural specific UIs across the globe Market research & UI enhancement 2013 | Q4 Enable options for Technology providers | Revenue from Provider EMR Plug-ins for External (EMR | Billing systems| Pharmacy| Test Labs) 2014 | Q1 Readiness for International project acquisition Build integration ability with any HIS & EMR system 7 2014 | Q2 Series funding | Kickoff Revenue from Target Marketing 2014 | Q3 International business expansion || PHASE 4 Tie-up with any internet giants (e.g. Yahoo /Google /FB/Twitter) 2014 | Q4 | BD offices in BRIC countries | Telemedicine HIS- Global Accessible capability 2015 | Q1 Kickoff Revenue from Global HIS implementation BD offices in SAARC countries 2015 | Q2 EMR on Magnetic Stripped Cards 2015 | Q3 Kickoff Revenue from Target BI solutions Patient’s voice record | Voice Translation 2015 | Q4 Kickoff Revenue from Clinical Research Voice recorded problems and solutions transcribed || PHASE 5.


MITYUNG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
JSSATE- STEP (Science & Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park), C-20/1, Sector # 62 , NOIDA UP India 201309
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