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MediAngels is a revolutionary healthcare concept. It is the world’s first Global eHospital which provides comprehensive professional medical service(s) & health information to customers. Top private equity firm, HDFC in its first investment in healthcare sector invested in MediAngels in February 2011. MediAngels makes the world truly flat for healthcare as it has accredited and chosen 300 of the world’s best medical specialists from over 20 countries across the globe, super specialized in various branches of medicine as a part of its panel of Global Medical Experts TM. In a physical hospital, getting the top most quality human talent becomes difficult due to the extreme inequity for healthcare delivery world over. MediAngels bridges this through the use of technology to improve operational efficiency. MediAngels is gradually moving to embark its centers/franchises in other countries also. MediAngels facilitates consultations (expert opinion from super-specialists at a click/call), Lab Investigations (home collection of samples & uploading digitized reports), eRecords (storage & maintenance of patients medical records), Radiological interpretation (by expert radiologists in each specialty), wellness programs & educational events (for public & corporate), delivery of medicines (through pharmacy network), Ambulance service provider (for emergency cases to transfer to nearest hospital).

 What we deliver

We deliver the best in healthcare globally to our consumers through a unique technology driven system to improve operational efficiency in healthcare. eQuery eQuery is meant for asking simple medical questions at MediAngels. Every eQuery will be personally answered by a renowned Global Medical Expert. eConsult MediAngels eConsult allows the consumer to take expert & detailed opinion from 300+ Medical doctors from across 25 countries. Consumer can select which doctor to consult from International or Indian panel(alternatively, our duty doctor can select the best appropriate doctor for you based on your current complaint) and enter comprehensive details of their medical history and upload relevant medical reports, CT scans, photographs, images or any other material that may help your doctor assist you better. Consumer can even create different user profiles under same login profile to seek opinions for your family members in case they are unable to do so independently. This facility is the first step to organize and maintain your entire family’s health records online for easy reference. eInvestigation MediAngels eInvestigation allows the consumer to get diagnostic tests done from the comfort of his/her home. Lab investigations couldn’t get any easier than this. Laboratory and pathological tests can be ordered online and home collection of samples provided. The reports are uploaded in the consumers account and the consultant specialist can interpret and confirm the diagnosis of consumers health condition based on his reports even if the specialist is sitting miles away from the consumer. This facility ensures the super-specialist for your specific disease interprets his/her condition to provide you with the expert opinion for him/her. Panel Consult Consumer can get an expert advice from a panel of 3 MediAngels specialists for one disease. This will ensure comprehensive treatment plans are given at one go without any travel/time/cost hassles. For example: Diabetes patient can get an expert opinion from Ophthalmologist, Nephrologist & Endocrinologist at the same time. eRecords Personalized complete health records including past and present clinical history along with the investigative reports are stored on a secure server. This can be accessible from anywhere anytime with a simple login. The eRecords are algorithmically driven to track complete well being of an individual. Based on this, consumer will be advised routine check up, reminders, health tips etc. to ensure complete health management. At present, this is in beta testing phase. (Most advanced Electronic Records ever developed technologically, which is better than Google Health & Microsoft Vault) Knowledge Bank MediAngels Knowledge Bank would provide health related information on common medical diseases and treatments in a simplified language for the consumer. Oration programmes MediAngels Oration provides an opportunity to bring a speaker of international significance to speak to the general public, the physician community, students and enlighten them on many diseases of public health importance. Future Services – 24*7 Call-A-Doctor Facility – eRadiology consultation – ePathology consultation – ePharmacy – Video-Consult – Ambulance service provider – Managed Referral/Angel Partner Program – Health Tourism – Virtual OPDs/Remote Diagnosis services.

 Whom we deliver

MediAngels would cater to mainly the educated professionals who are net savvy and realize the importance of authentic, individualized health information, made available from the top physicians in the world, in the comfort of their homes. a) General Public – In ~6 months of operation, the platform has over 6000 registrations and completed over 1500 consults/ transactions, 10% of which have been from outside India b) Insurance & Corporate Companies MediAngels will tie-up with Insurance & Corporate Companies so that Insurance policy holder & corporate consumers can access various services of MediAngels. The deal is in advance talks for few tie-ups at present. Insurance policy holders will be offered the second opinion facility for their existing illness. Opinion will be unbiased as the treating doctor is not same as consulting doctor. Patient can be made aware of alternate treatment plans and non-surgical treatment plans. c) We plan to provide few services for BPL population as a tie-up with the government as well. MediAngels is expanding its reach pan India with the release of Coupon Cards & set up of Sky-centres for those areas where Internet Penetration is less. Mobile Health is also planned to facilitate the services & to reach the masses.

 Why is the project unique?

MediAngels TM is a first of its kind Global eHospita. is a unique web based platform that allows patients to consult the most Specialized Doctor for their particular disease, from across the globe. The project is unique due to various reasons: MediAngels is extremely secure web portal. We are following all HON (Health on Internet) protocols for data privacy on the net as well as all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 (P.L.104-191) [HIPAA] enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996 and is one of the toughest acts to satisfy world over for a business of this kind) guidelines for patient data protection and privacy. We plan to register ourselves with the Indian Data Protection Commission. MediAngels is run by doctors with 16+ years of experience in Healthcare sector with serial entrepreneurial aspirations. MediAngels Panel specialists are chosen by Neutral Health Assurance Committee & credentials of doctors can be viewed & verified online easily. This ensures the credibility of the specialists/super-specialists and builds trust among the consumers. Consumer Empowerment MediAngels allows the patient to consult Specialists from across the globe, at an affordable rate. It also eliminates the cost and perils associated with travel. Patients can now refer specialists/super specialists that were previously inaccessible. MediAngels has developed most specialized healthcare panel with 85+ specialties. In any global hospital, maximum numbers of specialties included are 30-35. MediAngels has 85+ specialties such as UroGynaecology, Pediatric Urology etc. MediAngels provides the most qualified opinion from the world’s best super-specialists. The fair, neutral & unbiased opinion is provided as specialists giving the second opinion may not be the same as the one expected to perform surgery on the patient, removing the mal incentives in the system plaguing surgery advice globally. All services are offered at affordable rates i.e. INR 250 for simple health query and INR 750 for complex consultation 16 with uploading of reports. Investigation reports are available at more than 40% discount of market rate. Quick Response – All Specialists respond within 3 days MediAngels truly integrates the existing health care system to deliver the best quality health care to the consumers.


MediAngels aims to change the current healthcare paradigms and become the World’s preeminent and most trusted health care organization. The pre-launch phases included getting the specialists/super-specialists on MediAngels panel and create their profiles so consumers can check their credentials to ensure they receive the advice from the best in their specialty. Hiring of backend team was completed to ensure smooth launch. MediAngels started as consulting platform and added in Investigation and knowledge bank facilities. Now the health records facility is in beta testing phase. KPO service i.e. 24*7 Call-A-Doctor facility manned by MBBS/MBBS equivalent doctors will be launched in a month time from the present date. Phase 1 – Current phase includes following list of services eQuery, eConsult, eInvestigation, Knowledge Bank, Oration program, Tutorials and assisting the consumer through 24*7 duty doctors (MBBS equivalent) to ensure consumer is able to use the services without any hassles. Sky centers (pilot) are launched in Indore and soon in two more cities Bhopal & Vadodara. These centers are franchisee driven and allow users to buy cash cards/ coupons, scan & upload the reports, then take online specialist consultation and finally get medical prescriptions and implementation of treatment plans. These centers will be manned by a MBBS Doctor, a data entry operator and a Sales team. After 3 months of a pilot, we plan to expand into 10 more cities every quarter. MediAngels is also in process of tie-ups with major hospitals/diagnostic labs/Insurance/Corporate companies. We aim to integrate the existing healthcare delivery system to reach to general public (including rural masses). Phase 2 will include Angel partner referral program, corporate wellness programs, services for Insurance claims process, video-consultation, support groups, podcasting 19 facilities and support for different languages. MediAngels visions to emerge as the Biggest global player and the most reliable source for the “Best & Highest Quality Health Care” brought right to the door steps of the clients and consumers in remotest corners of the world by including & networking with the best available medical talents in varied fields of therapeutic, surgical & super specialties across the world & using the latest technology and equipment.


Dr. Debraj Shome/Dr. Arbinder Singal

Angels Health Private Limited

Angels Health Private Limited 404 Raikar Bhavan, Sector-17, Vashi,

Navi Mumbai, India



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