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[Define the project/product briefly to explain the entire project succinctly] Many youths do not have the good fortune of enjoying ready access to good mentors in their home situations and thus make uninformed career choices or one based on herd instinct. MeraCareerGuide.Com is an e-career guidance portal which provides psychometric tools to find best fit career matching interest, ability, aptitude and personality. It also provides access to personlaised guidance and mentorship from comfort of home using email, chat and phone

What do we deliver?

[Provide the complete list of deliverables to the customer/target group] MeraCareerGuide.Com helps students in following ways:- 1) Career mapping using Psychometric Career Assessments 2) Personalized Career Counseling using IVR telephony, email and chat

Whom we deliver?

[Describe your End users, including various categories] The core end user of our product is students (13Yrs to 22Yrs age group) i.e. we cater student from k-12 segment to college graduates. We also have a strong network of subject matter experts which contributes to the community and brings in wide pool of knowledge.

How is the project unique?

[Describe the Uniqueness of your Innovation in terms of Originality of Idea / Method/ Business Model/ Technology / Application / Implementation process that your product/project has which makes it different] Being end – end career planning makes us unique and sellable. We cater from k-12 segment to college graduates and understand that students not only need information but assistance and understanding to execute those choices. The analogy here would be apt that with a patient consulting a doctor. As guidance counseling market is untapped and unorganized, thus makes us a frontrunner in e-counselling space. Providing access to expert guidance anytime, anyplace makes us unique apart from our career profile reports which help students map their career aspirations.


1. Create as top Career destination in the country 2. Reach out to 50 million students present online in next three years. 3. Reach out to students through school channel and enroll them for assessment program 4. Create a robust backend knowledge engine for finding the instant solution to most of the career queries

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