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One of the most debated issues that the mobile development paradigm is facing today is the restrictive dependency of the mobile application on a particular platform only. If one application has been written for the Android OS, it cannot be run on iOS or Windows Phone 7 OS. This is analogous to the situation faced in desktop operating systems when an executable (.exe) file on Windows OS fails to run on Linux or Mac OS. This issue has led consumer companies to find ways to see their applications running on diverse platforms, but the tradeoff of paying for the extra time, effort and cost of re-developing the application for another platform has been enormous. mFusion is a new tool that allows a developer to “develop once and run on multiple platforms”, by providing a platform independent web service for mobile development, through which a mobile application developer can develop a generic mobile application that runs on any of mFusion’s listed platforms, including Android and Windows Phone 7 – without having to code more than once.

 What we deliver

1 – An XML based framework/language, which the developer has to use, in order to develop his application. 2 – A drag and drop tool to automate the XML generation process, so that the coding part gets minimized for the developer. 3 – Corresponding client side apps for the code he/she has written. That’s it.

 Whom we deliver

Students from different university are using it currently to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

 Why is the project unique?

mFusion’s competitors mentioned in the next section are mostly building ‘web apps’ with their tools and frameworks, while the rest who are making native apps, are not using XML based structure. This is where mFusion has established a niche and it is specializing in the client/server domain to provide the fastest solution.


Zubair A. Sheikh

National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences, FAST

St.4, Sector 17-D, Shah Latif Town (On National Highway), Karachi

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


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