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Description :

mLiquidate works on mobiles (using GIS), helps enterprises to track the sales, liquidation and inventory levels of a product at any point of sale in the distribution channel. It’s innovation in best utilizing “QR code technology” makes it highly profitable and reasonable in the industry.

mLiquidate is the simple solution for a complex requirement in the industry. Simple mechanism of scanning a mPin card supplied along with the products sold provides key information on the inventory levels of a product in the distribution channel which helps in planning and forecasting right sized inventories at the points of sale. mLiquidate provides insights on the product acceptance. Close to real time access to the above information in web based analytical tool helps decision makers to take meaningful decisions in the right time. mLiquidate gathers meaningful data that can be used for developing robust intelligence system to forecast sales at every point of sale and thus produce optimum quantity for the whole year at production unit /factory. mLiquidate also serves the purpose of identifying infiltration and counterfeit products at the point of sale. Real time access to the above mentioned information and automated SMS alerts attracts the Managers attention towards progress in business activity towards achieving targets

What we deliver?

We deliver both the content and services. i.e. mobile application for scanning mPin cards (QR code) and data reported as content through web dashboards.

Why is the project unique?

Yes, Agri input industry is basically facing a big challenge towards knowing liquidation. i.e. Sales done at retailer counter to the farmers. As the distribution structure is unorganized down the value chain a simple system coupled with business process innovation addresses the challenge. The technology innovation – reading a 2 dimensional barcode (QR code) through a 2MP camera provides an easy way of reporting sales at point of sale.


Mr. Ajay Kumar Kalavala


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