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Mobile AT-Tester is a software application built to test the performance of any mobile broadband connection irrespective of technology or the type of broadband package. It was develeoped based on the concept of the AshokaTissa’ Broadband QoSE benchmarking methodology (Fixed line and fixed mobile) software design and hence is different from popular broadband performance testing tools (, for example) because: 1. It is more accurate: AT-Tester measures the throughput rates while actually downloading/uploading files. It does not calculate them using empirical formulae and ping data. 2. It is more comprehensive: Unlike most other tools, AT-Tester does not confine testing to an end server. It tests the throughput to three servers, namely (a) the local ISP; (b) another server within the same country and (c) a server in US. This helps pinpointing the bandwidth bottlenecks. 3. It tests more parameters namely, o Download speed (kbps/Mbps) o Upload Speed (kbps/Mbps) o RTT (milli seconds) o Jitter (milli seconds) o Packet-Loss (%) o Availability (%) Mobile AT tester is solely designed for the mobile phones. It is known that most of the mobile users surf the internet via their mobile phones. They download ringtones, wall paper and even check their friends whereabouts through social networking sites such a s facebook and twitter. In order to do all that it is no doubt that they require a good internet connection. With increasing demand for a quality connection there is an increase in competition among the service providers (the operators) offering various packages and promising various speeds. Mobile AT tester helps the user to test the quality of service and to see if he is getting value for money. The application is easy to install. User who is interested in the application will have to visit from his mobile and download the specific application from the portal. As of now the application is available for Windows CE and Symbian S60 phones. Mobile AT tester has an easy to use inter phase which guides the user in a step by step process. The user can test the above mentioned parameters for both local and international. The testing can be done stationary, walking about or even in a moving vehicle.

What we deliver?

To create awareness on Mobile broadband quality and thereby urge the operators to give better value for money.

Why is the project unique?

Yes. Most of the speed test applications out there require the user to stay stationery whereas Mobile AT tester allows the user to mobile.


Ranmalee Gamage
Colombo Sri-lanka

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