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Kerala Tourism is India’s First Tourism Super Brand and a pioneer in the Travel and Tourism Industry. It is the first state Tourism Board to have a vision to leverage new age technology and its Internet Initiatives including the official portal has won many accolades over the years. The Kerala Tourism Board has realized the potential of Mobile Phones and the new age devices like IPhone and Ipad to reach its target audience with a high end user experience. Travel Genie is the Project Name for Kerala Tourism’s Digital Marketing Vision to cross leverage Traditional and Digital Media and transcend the dependence on traditional Print/TV Mediums for promoting the brand. The Board has successfully grabbed World Attention with Google Showcasing the Kerala Tourism IPhone/Ipad Campaign on its Official Mobile Blog as one of the most Innovative Mobile Campaigns in recent times.

What we deliver

The Kerala Tourism Ad Video is being delivered to the customer/tg using this project. In the current project, the short version of the latest 2010 ad film of Kerala Tourism is being delivered.

Whom we deliver

Excellent Interactivity is provided to the users through the clever use of Video Interstitials. The Google Blog Post Video shows how the users can with ease 1. Watch the video 2. Switch to Facebook Account of Kerala Tourism 3. Switch to Twitter Account of Kerala Tourism 4. Watch Videos on Kerala Tourism YouTube Channel over IPAD. The way this is achieved is by using a technology called interstitial video ads.

 Why is the project unique?

While IPhone and Ipad have been around since 2007, there hasn’t been a Tourism Board Globally which has been able to innovatively leverage this medium. Kerala Tourism has been able to break the clutter and has created this Innovative IPhone/Ipad Campaign which has attracted global attention. The praise showered by Google and Travel Related News sites stand testimony to this fact as well.


ICT Tools are exponentially increasing in reach and scale. It is becoming the medium of choice to reach out to user/consumers across various verticals. From a Tourism Perspective, Kerala Tourism has embraced the Digital Media. A full fledged tourism strategy and roadmap is in place and is being executed. The beauty of the digital medium is that it presents multiple options. With Mobile Phones, it is possible to run services like Audio Guides where Voice can be used to deliver content in multiple languages. With 3G portals in BSNL, rich videos and photos are available for tourists to download. With SMS, Informational Messages are being delivered The IPhone/Ipad devices and fast growing Android eco-system is allowing for enriching user interactive campaigns to promote the tourism brand. We have a vision to provide all basic and advanced tourism services including Information and Entertainment Services to all users at their fingertips with ease and low cost of engagement.


Shivasankar M

Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala

Park View,

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India




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