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Now the farmers can hold the commodity world on their hands. They worried about getting a good price for their crops but now they have a reason to cheer as our innovative application Mobile Mandi provides the live updates on day-to-day commodities rates to different mandies of India. Agricultural professionals can now track commodity prices of more than 500 Mandi and can quickly search on wide variety of commodities from castor seed to metals, onions to crude and more. It empowers the farmers to read/navigate/use the application content in their native language. From North to South people can use it in the language of choice from Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati to Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Also they can search Mandi rates by City, State, Commodity and Mandi. The application helps to increase awareness on mandi exchange rates and encourage the adoption of mobile phones in rural Indian areas.

What we deliver?

1. Real time information on commodities across 500 Mandi on the move.
2. Price Search on Commodity and Mandi basis.
3. Personalized Search using saved searches.
4. Lingual content in 7 Indian Languages & English.

Why is the project unique?

YES, Mobile Mandi is a unique innovation because of the following features: 1. Multi-Lingual – Available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English. 2. Language Support – It enables Language display on devices, whether device has language support or not. 3. Unique Platform – An efficient medium to track commodity rates across 500 mandis on the move. 4. Quick Search – Various search options are provided for the ease & quick access to rates. 5. Dynamic – Content is updated at runtime to provide latest rates to users. 6. Device Support – Supports almost all GSM/CDMA mobile devices. 7. Thin Client – It is a thin client application with minimum storage space requirement. 8. Small Foot Print- Application can be enjoyed easily on lower end devices.


Mrs. Babita Jain
Indore, MP


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