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SMS based mobile banking service that allows you to undertake financial transactions like transfer funds between accounts, pay bills (merchants), remittance, agent banking for deposits and withdrawals, and also allows you to inquire on account information like transaction alerts, balance update, exchange rate update, etc.

What we deliver

SMS Alert (Transactional alert, iBank log in alert) SMS Inquiry (account balance, interest accrued, forex rates, check status, etc) P2P (inter-account fund transfer) PAY (Utility and Merchant bill payment) Users also receive exclusive discounts at major stores while shopping using Mobile Money SEND (remittance to any beneficiary around the country) CASH (from over 700 agent locations around the country DEPOSIT (from over 700 agent locations)

Whom we deliver

Subscribers of Nepal Telecom and NCell Mobile Telephones

Why is the project unique?

The product is the only offer in the Nepalese market that offers such a wide range of services from a mobile phone. Certain utility bill payments like ADSL payments, and wide range of merchant payments, agent location banking, etc. are unique to our product. Mobile Money being the first product in the Market adds up to our experience in the sector, along with people’s trust on our ability to deliver better.


Mobile Banking has the capability to do to Mobile Phone, what email did to Internet. More people carry mobile phones in their pocket than any other gadget. More interestingly, they are always inter-connected through this network – all of the world’s mobile users! No technology can help reach a bigger mass than a mobile phone, that too, on a real time basis with immediate alert to the recipient and the sender as well.


Nikesh Ghimire

Laxmi Bank Limited

Hattisar Road

Bagmati, Kathmandu, Nepal


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