Mobile Voice based Point of Transaction System

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Description :

The Micro Finance in India is increasing faced with the challenge of real-time data collection from the field with respect to Loan collections and settlements. Also with the increase in the penetration of mobile phones, there is an opportunity to leverage the mobile channel for real-time data upload. VoPoT is a product with this focus. It enables field collection agents to report collections from the field simply over a Voice Call. The system provides a multi-lingual interface to the agent for reporting collections, defaulters, and absent Group members. The system also uses Voice biometrics for a robust agent authentication. The functionality of Voice biometric also provides a way to take customer attendance. The system is mated to interfaces with the backend accounting system of the MFI for real-time accounting. VoPoT also consists of a Bluetooth based mobile handset application which pairs up with a low-cost printer. When the central accounting system of the MFI receives the update from the Voice system, it can trigger an SMS back to the agent’s mobile device, the application on the handset will print this out from the printer as a ‘Receipt’. For the MFI this application not only makes the accounting and reporting real-time but also reduces the CAPEX by eliminating the need for other Point of Transaction/Handheld devices. For the agent, it provides the most natural interface in the form of Voice in local language.

What we deliver?

VoPoT is a service offered to customers

Why is the project unique?

The fact that VoPoT uses no more than voice for getting the data from the field on real-time basis. A unique system that uses the existing network of mobile phones without posing a special requirement for the handset, therby reducing the capex requirement is the strength of VoPoT


Umesh Sachdev
Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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