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Moblee Myindia is a free knowledge sharing mobile application which allow people to read and contribute their knowledge about India by using our simplified user interface. People can read and contribute knowledge about art, culture, heritage and history state and union territory wise which make people to know more about India. One of the most intuitive features of feature of Myindia is that any users can submit their ideas and knowledge about their states in different categories like art, culture, heritage and history. This unique feature makes the Myindia an open encyclopedia and the flash based interface we give a great interaction between the user and the application. Users can contribute their knowledge about art, history, culture and heritage by clicking on Add Knowledge button. If that content is accepted by our content team, then it will added to the core database of Moblee. Users can download Moblee My India from its website and also available in all major Appstores. Our aim is make Moblee a complete platform for sharing knowledge about Indian history and culture.

What we deliver?

This is completely a utility product which is beneficial for all age groups across India. The services are offered in 2 modes SMS and WAP.

Why is the project unique?

This is a unique product as it is a free interaction service on Mobile where people can join & share their views & amazing facts on the country developments, History, politics & other areas.


Eldhose Bose
43/410A Power House Extension Road
Kerala-682018, India

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