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Hyderabad-based Mojostreet, is an angel funded location-based mobile gaming startup, funding led by Srini Koppolu, former Managing Director of Microsoft India and J.A. Chowdary former Managing Director of Nvidia India. It is founded by Kalyan Manyam, who also founded – an Indian social network with more than 6 million users. Mojostreet is a location based real world mobile game for your smartphone that lets you compete with your friends by checking into interesting places, sharing your location and experience with them. The game also helps you discover amazing places of your interest based on your friends recommendations. In addition, mojostreet recognizes your loyalty to brands and retailers by rewarding you for checking in to their locations. When you are travelling to different cities, you can use mojostreet category search to find useful locations like nearby ATMs, restaurants, night clubs etc. Based on the tips provided by people who have visited the place earlier, you can choose whether or not to visit that place for your needs. It is a friend finder, city guide, social network and loyalty rewards all rolled into one app on your smartphone! Mojostreet is a free app that can be downloaded to smartphones via a GPRS connection. It uses the GPS sensor in the mobile phone to deliver highly relevant data. It is available on multiple mobile platforms (currently in alpha and beta versions) and Mojostreet is a game, where users checkin to real world locations through the application and compete to earn virtual currency. It is a confluence of the virtual world with the real and, it is seamless. It is additionally an immense information resoure with 5.5 million locations in India already in the database. This translates to easier discovery of locations by users for checking in and also for exploring. Directions also are available from the app to any of these locations from the user’s current location. To make playing the game even more attractive, mojostreet has partnered with businesses to offer deals or special discounts to users who checkin to their locations. These deals could be to reward a footfall or loyalty of the customer. Businesses can also sign up with mojostreet in order to offer deals too. The business, if signed up on mojostreet, can get detailed insights about the customers who are checking into their location. They can utilize these insights to serve their existing customers better and to attract new customers as well. As users can look up deals near their location, businesses have an opportunity to be discovered by the user instead of pushing marketing copy. In addition, users can choose to publish their experiences at the locations they check into on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Indyarocks. This is an additional benefit in the form of word of mouth publicity to businesses which strive to delight their customers. Mojostreet is also similar to a vox populi system where popular locations in a place can be surfaced up – by people who have actually been there. It can thus be a great city guide for visitors to a city. On the other hand, it is also a great way to discover places by knowing where your friends are checking in. It is a great way to find your friends and to pay them a surprise visit if they are checked into a location nearby. Mojostreet thus combines elements of gaming and marketing in a social app. Mojostreet has been in development since January 20, 2011 and is currently in private beta release. The first announcement, about the funding was done on April 12, 2011 and has evoked considerable interest from the tech community as well traditional media.

What we deliver?

Users – All major places of interest (5.5 million) in India are listed and are immediately available on the application. Places including tourist spots, ATMs, restaurants and so on. Tourists will never be left clueless anymore. Popular places in different locations will be surfaced based on user checkins and gives directions to reach there as well – thus helping tourists to know the best places to go towhen they visit a new place. Users can see the most recent checkin by their friends and see who is nearby. Mojostreet promotes physical interaction between people and encourages people to go out more. Mojostreet connects the virtual with the physical world with a game, so that going out and visiting places is more fun. Discounts for users on checking into locations of participating retailers. Businesses – Increased footfalls by attracting new customers. Insights into customer behaviour. Self managed rewards dashboard. Direct feedback from customers. Increased visibility among customers (both local and tourists).

Why is the project unique?

Mojostreet ties in a game with utility. It is a social game which encourages users to compete among friends and the community by checking into different locations. At the same time, it offers tangible real world benefits such as useful information and rewards from participating businesses. Although there have been earlier attempts at delivering information useful to travelers on the phone, the key differentiator of mojostreet is that it makes using the app a fun experience in the form of a game. In addition, it also rewards users by providing deals and discounts. This combined approach is what makes mojostreet unique.


Mojostreet India Pvt Ltd.
Kalyan Manyam
8-3-319/10/1, #101, Sri Sai Swarnalata Estate, Near Sarathi Studios, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – 500016 , India.
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