MTicketing – Train Ticket Reservation System

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Mobitel developed the M Ticketing system on a secure web based platform, which allows authorized users to access the system through a special APN. This will facilitate CGR staff and Mobitel Customer Care executives to access the on line application secure way. The service was initially launched for Colombo Kandy Intercity express train on 19th December 2009. Parallel to the system development, Mobitel has refurbished Fort, Gampaha, Peradeniya and Kandy railway stations and equipped the stations with necessary IT infrastructure to access the system. CGR staff has been given necessary IT training on operation of the system by Mobitel. The Short code introduced for the service, 365 will be answered initially by an IVR and transferred to Mobitel call center to facilitate booking. Mobitel call center agents can book tickets through the same system and ticket fare will be credited to Customers Post paid mobile bill or prepaid balance. All the government regulations pertaining to Financial accounting & fund management has been adhered and thoroughly audited by Sri Lanka Railways. Further, all requirements and regulations presently governed in Railway ticket issuance, on Cash, Warrant and Pass based tickets have been complied in the M Ticketing system. The system has been designed with the capability of integrating with any other Mobile Operator to provide the same service. Train seats availability information can be accessed through Web Services and can be linked to any Government web Portal on request. M Ticketing service has been approved by a Cabinet Paper of Sri Lanka.

What we deliver?

Reachability with convenience for train commuters to make an advanced ticket reservation without making an extra visit to the railway station and without waiting in queues. Sri Lanka Railway staff has also been benefited due to lesser passenger queues and accuracy in automated Financial accounting processes and reporting etc. Train seat utilization has also been increased by 100% as all seats of the train is available online, against previous quota based system, which has allocated a certain number of tickets per each station.

Why is the project unique?

This has not been tested or implemented in Sri Lanka before and complete concept, design and project was developed and implemented by Mobitel. A complete process renovation has been introduced to traditional train ticket issuance process opening a new avenue to reserve ticket over Mobile phone


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